I examined my bandwidth here:

You can observe how quickly your connection is. It's my job to average see 500Kpbs ....

Must I get DSL for 1.5mbps Guarantee speed?

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Must I get DSL for 1.5mbps Guarantee speed?
Guaranteed? Err. The DSL line into home should be 608kbps, however i usually only circumvent 400kbps at best. I live under one 1000 ft in the phone offices too. They stated I ought to get max speed, however i not have.

I have never heard about Guaranteed DSL speeds. Who's the provider? Will they provide a money-back factor whether it is not 1.5mbps?

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GTE explained I'd get guarantee 1.5Mbps however i dobut becuase I'd never visit a DSL for $249 per month, can you?

I'm searching at BlueStar.net but thier prices is simply too much!
GTE can't continually be reliable. They explained I possibly could get DSL, and so i registered. After that time the date of install, they recognized I could not have it.

So that your DSL was screwed?
Yep, also it pissed me and also the web service provider off, because they had ready to eat a block of 8 insolvency practitioners and firewalling for me personally.
Some companies do ensure the speed of the DSL lines, some don't. For example, with Bell South, the utmost downstream is 1.5 megabyte per second plus they do tell you just how your speed will most likely be less. Mine is 1.472 megabyte per second, that is really fast. I've two buddies within the same finish from the county who've DSL with BellSouth, as well as their speeds are lower.

Actually, my pal Bob only connects just a little over 1 megabyte per second ( I your investment exact amount now). Oddly enough, he's in telecommunications and it is a real estate agent for an organization that provides guaranteed speed DSL (2 or 4 megabyte per second). It's targeted for companies and relatively costly for use at home.

If you wish to find out more about it, you can turn to his site at http://interworldtel.com and then click Network Services.

I am pleased with my $40 per month DSL from Bell South, especially becasue it is been remaining up recently (it had been lower a lot more than up throughout the very first month).


DSL did found the house but stated my phone jack wasn't any good and needed to prewire brand new and it'll require me to pay many I stated no way and go back home then finish up calling Comcast@Home and choose to register plus they came and also got me online in a few minutes. And also, since Feburary 2000 to today, I even't compensated a cent because of thier network problems sometimes, they keep crediting my account :-P

Incidentally, the reason why you need 8 IP's?

Boy, I saved about $400 maybe? heheh ... Septemeber will begin having to pay ...

Duster, BellSouth has good DSL however the setup costs is simply too high.. heard was $199 instead of @Home for $49 (Throughout special). DSL Setup fee could be waived on some kind of special promotions too.

I attempted the CInternet Bandwidth again, still same 480kpbs ... Duster prolly have more than I current have.
An easy note for people:
megabyte per second and megabytes/s is not exactly the same factor
for instance:
1,500mbps means 1,500 mega bits per seconds
wich means in normal language (1500 mega bytes/seconds )/ 8 to have it in bytes

We usually all operate in bytes... so if you're getting 400kb/sec... perform the math and you'll check this out really 3,200mbps wich means its faster than the usual t1 (in download only)

bandwidth class anybody?

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I want 8 insolvency practitioners, because I must many computer systems.

For the information, I'm able to run 8 computer systems on 1 Ip by utilizing 10Mpbs Hub and delay pills work for me personally after i use 3 PC's here.

Usually it may decelerate the rate however it helps you save money...

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The Web service provider did not charge extra for additional insolvency practitioners, because they are business oriented.

Then you definitely lucky !

I have to pay extra however i dont use extra IP anyway ...
I've got a Sprint Broadband DSL and im very unhappy by using it. Unfortunitly it is the only factor open to me for any couple of several weeks in the future. They're saying im on the 5mb/256k pkg. The very best ive ever got is 38ksec lower and finest up is 8k sec. that is around
304k lower/ 64k up. This really is way removed from thier cliam of 5mb plus they stated unfortunitly the rate meets their minimum rates they need to provide in all the facts. Well i guess , hold on for your devoted line or perhaps a more reliable provider i suppose
Ungrateful People!!! (only joking )

We still need to use modems, 56K if we are lucky, these rarely connected at a lot more than 45K though. The majority of us 65% can't get ADSL because of coverage and slow rollout, and when it's available it's costly at and bandwidth is shared between 50 or 20 customers, also susceptible to one year contract, setup and
lots of other activities within the contract. Leased Lines/Devoted Connections are extremely costly too. In my opinion should you search for any quote you can aquire a T1 for $600 in USA, the very best we are able to have it for is all about $2500 monthly (E1, a little more than T1).


Whether it enables you to feel much better, a 56k DDS/Frame Relay cost $200 per month having a 12 months contract. And install is $450 not counting router and access unit.

I'm able to get T1 for around $295/395 per month via a company known as innerX

But that must definitely be shared T1 maybe? But full T1 might be $1,200 or greater.
Duster, BellSouth has good DSL however the setup costs is simply too high.. heard was $199 instead of @Home for $49 (Throughout special). DSL Setup fee could be waived on some kind of special promotions too.
My special is preferable to yours is, naa naa naa naaa na. -D

Time passes the modem free of charge, no setup/activation or installation costs. It had been a self install special. Plus i got a $50 credit towards a present certificate at Barnes &lifier Noble that I did previously buy a few books about Linux.

They've another special happening, though I do not think the correct answer is as generous because the one I acquired. I've got a good nose for sniffing at out deals. -)

Exactly what a lucky bitch deal you have

GTE offers FREE Installtion, Modem and First month free basically register now, $380 savings.... Hmm Must I try that?
Another speed test reaches: http://computingcentral.msn.com/topi.../speedtest.asp

At this time I am on the cable modem getting 1854.5 killerbytes per second through the CInternet information and 1813.3 killerbytes per second through the MSN information.

It's often reduced throughout your day, around 900 killerbytes per second...


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