Sorry for my stupid questions, but i am a bit a new comer to non-free hosting (i am a specialist on free ones). At this time i am while using one month perpay trial at, and to date all things have been great. I'm just curious about bandwith. I operate a Zelda site (, and i'm wondering, is 5 gigs of bandwith monthly enough? Normally many pageviews per month should i have to obtain before i start to talk about the limit?


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The typical site uses under 1GB/month, really. Unless of course your internet site is fairly popular, Or else you offer a lot of download files, 5 GB ought to be plenty for you personally. To calculate the amount of bandwidth, you are taking how big the file increased by the amount of hits.

Example: basically were built with a 10K HTML file, and 100 people visited it, I'd used 1000 K, or ~ 1MB of bandwidth.

Essentially, unless of course your website will get lots of site visitors or offers large downloads, you will be fine.. And when the limit does approach, I am sure PCISD will show you your choices.


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You will find formulas that can provide you with the precise type of answer you would like. Have a look in the traffic category at

So far as 5 gb of traffic being enough, it is dependent on how big the web pages (graphics incorporated) and just how much traffic your website will get, along with other things, like downloads. I can tell where it could exceed 5 gbs sooner or later (whether it does not already), although 5 gbs is a lot more than nearly all sites would use.

You have to be conscious of any host's charges and plans when ever you exceed the alloted bandwidth. Many will simply ask you for for that excess amount, and there might be a large alteration in the things they charge. While bandwidth is really a slow as $3 per gigabyte, some charge $20 per, although in batches of 100 megabytes. Others might disable your bank account.

Some hosts have upgrade plans, particularly if you regularly exceed the alloted amount, though many add up to a maximum of growing your charges in what you pay for excess bandwidth, with maybe a few dollars off.

Certainly one of my latest accounts discovered this type of plan at among the hosts he was thinking about. The program he was thinking about had 6 gb, excess bandwith was $2 per 100 megabytes ($20 per gb), and "upgrades" were $18 more monthly for an additional gig of bandwidth, and i believe a small rise in disk space (that is so cheap they can be irrelevant).

Another problem from bandwidth is assets (cpu cycles and the like). Discover what goes on whenever you exceed whatever a number views a reasonable amount. Have they got upgrading plan, will they shut lower your bank account (many do), disable cgi programs varieties that consume considerable amounts of assets?

The questions you have aren't stupid. They simply indicate soemthing a lot of us share, lack of knowledge within the methods for web hosting companies (lack of knowledge is quite different from stupidity). It's easier to request prior to committing to some host and find yourself in trouble having a bad one. You will find many of them available.

Some people (myself incorporated) have discovered ad almost as much ast we've from necessity. After being burned by a number of bad hosts, you begin researching to make certain it does not happen again. This is the one positive factor that arrived on the scene from the lousy service and encounters I have had with only 2 bad hosts, I have learned a good deal (and also have a lot more to understand).

One little bit of advice: you shouldn't be stunned through the technical choices associated with a company. They mean nothing when clients are neglected, overlooked, and mistreated.

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