I am searching for a number for my website even though I might finish up having to pay $10/month, I had been really searching for something even cheaper (the website is hobby only and will not earn money).
Can you really find good support and standard features for less than ten dollars or will I must spend out?

I appreciate any replies unless of course hosts are flaming one another - so do not.
Hello there!
You will find a lot of trustworthy hosts available for your cost. It might be advisable though to publish what kind plan (specs) you'll need
Best Of Luck!

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Thanks. I am not searching for an excessive amount of, just CGI (Perl), maybe 10-20mb of storage so that as much transfer allowance as you possibly can (maybe 2 gigs).
Theres many for your cost but you must do good quality research in it to ascertain if the organization may be worth the server its located on! Theres a lot of ripoffs nowadays also it will get worse through the minute. I'd publish my opportunity here however i shouldn't be considered a shark within the website hosting waters.
Take a look at linuxwebhost.com

You need to be cautioned their technical support sucks ... if guess what happens you are doing, they've all of the specs you can want for $7.95/month.

Personaly I've had over 30 sites located together for around annually now and haven't had any problem.

- Esper
And let me place the usual connect for Below $10 Host @ http://www.below10host.com - they've decent technical support and you will find various threads throughout this forum.
You could also wish to look at your-site.com, because they offer affordable prices, plus a chance to choose onyl the constituents you would like at this time, after which add other components when needed. I am less than sure how their prices compares when you do start adding individuals things, but they're a great host. Several comments happen to be made concerning the speed where they react to email, but overall the consensus is very good.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Thanks men. Individuals both seem like good hosts. I have found a couple of already but was switched off pretty rapidly.

Only a couple of suggestion for you hosts:
1)make certain people can observe your hosting plans with a single click in the primary page
2)watch how you word your FAQ's - a couple of places switched me off immediately by sounding very angry and getting a "figure it yourself" type of attitude.

Only a couple of a few things i observed after searching at about 50 hosts.
See if you're carrying out a non-profit site, i highly suggest try using a free host if carrying out a free site. I have tries www.envy.nu, they're new, and when this can be a hobbyk i highly recommed them, i've got a couple of located here, they first give u 6 megs but soon can give u 20. Message me at chris@chrisdildy.com. Basically might be of any longer assitance.

If you prefer a great host for 10 dollars per month then take a look at www.cfoxhost.com Thats all i have to say, all you have authored to date informs me here's your answer, i'm going to make him host my website and also have heard only rave reviews!!!

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