I'm thinking about establishing an internet site which will mainly be utilized for attorney at law forum. I must possess a forum and chat room and employ Frontpage 2000 to produce my website. I've no training with website hosts and would appreciate any input in regards to what companies or technical needs might be best for this kind of site.
The technical needs are pretty straight forward enough. Essentially, you'll need accessibility cgi-bin directory (or yuour own) in case your program is Perl based (whether .pl or .cgi extension). Since you are using Top Of The Page (Macromedia's Dreamweaver is a far greater product), you will need Top Of The Page extensions around the server, which many curently have.

Where you need to do your quest is getting a host that will not cripple your bank account in case your forum is popular and begins exceeding the things they consider your great amount of assets (see my encounters with AIT in another thread). An answer might be a shared server having a small group of domain names onto it. You have to pay more for this, but a minimum of your website will probably continue the whole time. Discussion forums can find a fair quantity of disk space and employ a lot of other assets, including cpu cycles.

Don't think the "unlimited" claims a lot of companies make. Most don't really mean it and you will find that the painfully costly way once they shut you lower or charge you plenty more, or both.
If you're not expecting an incredibley great deal of traffic, I recommend www.npsis.com .. it is just $8 per month and they've excellent technical support... the lower side is they offer only 500 megabytes of transfer per month (that is enough for many moderate traffic sites). If you're expecting a higher amount of traffic, try www.linuxwebhost.com ... they're also only $8 per month and also have 3 gigs of transfer /month that you should have fun with. The positive thing relating to this clients are what they can control panel, which enables you to definitely do all of your cgi file removing and directory protections effortlessly. The lower side of these men is the technical support ... it will likely be either non-existent or very slow. Therefore if your brand-new to the overall game, I recommend choosing npsis.com, and when you finish track of an excessive amount of traffic, there is a every month contract so that you can just change to linuxwebhost.com not a problem.

Hope this can help =)

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