This really is most likely not the best place but I'm wondering if anybody could point me to some good bulletin board script that's secure. I don't mind having to pay for this if it's reasonably listed however it needs to perform the following. I would like it to only allow registered customers to publish and answer messages, any assistance is appreciated.
I understand of some, and employ one. You have to choose which kind of board you would like, also. They fall mostly into two groups, threaded or linear (also known as non-threaded). UBB and other alike types are linear, whereas boards like wwwboard are threaded.

I've info on my website concerning the variations between your two (right side menu), in addition to some links to sites which have many of them listed. You may also go here at the end of my forum towards the site from the program I personally use and find out whether it you prefer. There is a free, downloadable version, that we believe lacks registration features. You can test it and when you want it, upgrade to some licensed version.

My server website is at
Appreciate your help, I'm a hosting company and i'm giving my services to some religious organization as well as designed their page. We'd an easy board up but outsiders stored posting smut and inappropriate language, this board is perfect for children at a camping. so free might be best. But I didn't think I possibly could obtain a decent one free of charge, I'll have a look in the link you sent me and move from there. Once more Appreciate the assistance.
You would be surprised what you could get free of charge. Lots of good, in a commercial sense supported programs have free versions. Oftentimes, you do not get all of the features from the licensed version, but it may be enough for many, and a great way to find out if this program is appropriate before improving, for other people.

Make sure to browse the page on Building a web-based community with discussion forum programs. You will find steps you can take which are greater preventives to problem posts than using technological means alone. Registration and validation features were put into this program I personally use upon my request, but we have never required to implement them on the mandatory basis, plus they were effective whenever we used a course that didn't have any protection features whatsoever.

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I believe you might like to ckeck out they provide script that's much like this ubb and much more features free of charge. It even has spell checking abilities and censor option.

Vlad Gil
See my educational website about them:
I must thank everybody for the help, I'm a new comer to these script bad dreams but am getting used to it now. Thanks all for the some time and help.

N, your internet site is missing among the best, Board Energy. Download it free of charge at:
Vlad recommended 's board, and so nobody will get confused, it's offered at

same factor
BigTalker has become BoardPower, and that i have took it off from my Forumhosts website since it fails diet program my "before you bother to download it" tests. I especially resist the cropping of e-mail addresses prior to the program obtainable.
At no charge stuff sometimes has its own cost
We highly recommend the Discus Community Forum, that exist at:

It is among the innovative board systems I've come across, has great support, includes a free version which has the majority of the features you'd ever need, along with a Professional version that's ideal for secure boards and much more.

They've suggested hosts that fully offer the board, and also the installation may be the simplest I've come across up to now. If you cannot tell, I've been very happy with miracle traffic bot.

- John Crowley
Has anybody used Boardmaster released by Beholder Net? I love the feel and look (much like ubb) and also the cost (free) however i haven't seen many reviews from it negative or positive.
Simply to let everybody that assisted out know I opted for Ultraboard 1.62, it's nice has each of the features I had been searching for. Which is simple to obtain ready to go, you need to deviate in the directions a little if this involves the pictures but it is always good for newbies. I possibly could not accept is as true was free it's a excellent board, this is actually the link if anybody has an interest
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