I'm really searching for info on Burst from someone apart from a Burst worker. Good, Bad, fast, slow? I'm concerned as their site appears to become incomplete. I acquired in and checked dates and contains been "under construction" for that better a part of annually!
Hello there,

I am a burst customer with more than 10 boxes colocated, do not take the website at face value there sits a really competant company behind it.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,Verdana ">quote:</font><HR>Originally published by jman:
Hello there,

I am a burst customer with more than 10 boxes colocated, do not take the website at face value there sits a really competant company behind it.


I'd most likely wait per month approximately prior to going register, they have the symptoms of some network and server problems right now. We've had a number of clients transfer to us from Burst within the last handful of days.
So what is your organization then?

I'l prefer to learn about these those who have all of a sudden left burst to become listed on you....

Davey's clients are True Hosting....
As with Any organization, you need to educate yourself on that company though....
Happy host hunting

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OH Guy

Truehosting you suck ass, you're purely the worst company ever been around....go crawl in the cage and die

It's correct though that Burst have a problem with their router-service Qwest. So Burst are getting problems at this time with lengthy downtimes. Maybe it's a wise decision to hold back a while prior to signing track of them. If you do not mind some down time, then proceed and register!
It's sad to listen to that ppl tranfered from burst to truehosting. I'd favour 10% uptime with burst than a merchant account at truehosting.

I'll most likely register with burst anyway, cuz I want a brand new host _now_ and futurequest is simply too costly.
Yes, we'd an issue with the road installations within our new facility/building. It has since been remedied and things are normal again. We've VERY faithful clients, and that we handled to simply loose 2-3 throughout this whole occurance. How truehosting handled to obtain ALL "few" of these will stay a mysterious. Amusing....at best.

Sean R.
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Its quite interesting whenever a hosting companys all of a sudden emerge the woodwork when something continues to be stated to tarnish their image.

Yet others(TH) who tell lies and trash other hosts images.

Well, I believe its good that a few of these hosts are in least having to pay attention. Id rather discover their whereabouts within the forums these days discover their whereabouts whatsoever. Just my estimation.

Yeah, I almost registered with Burst as their server appeared so quick plus they provide a lot. However I am waiting to determine what goes on with this particular.
Havenrrrt heard of their problems...

Did contact them to work through an issue regarding accounts before ordering - 3 occasions already in 3 consecutive days - but still got nothing...

If that is how lengthy technical support takes I am beginning to possess second ideas...

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