It is bad.

BurstNet and Site5 lower again.

I'd check these websites all day long lengthy, for short while down-time today a lot more than ten occasions, and today they're lower a lot more than 10 mins.

I'm not sure how lengthy will it decide to try up again.

Anyine knows real reason of the lower problem?


If you're fed up with being own, change to another webhost.

I'm fed up with the bitching.
It is not a lot 'bitching' than trying to find solutions.

I've not observed anything to date regarding an issue with the upstream, maybe BurstNet or Site5, whichever is the host, had an issue with the server you are well on.

Both individuals companies have ICQ reps. so why wouldn't you try ICQing them for solutions?
Becasue it is both Burst and Site5 again, this indicates the VDI NOC is getting trouble again. But for the umpteenth time too.

I question when individuals new lines is going to be connected... And can they solve all of the problems?
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