Server lower again BurstNet.
What's the trouble with everyone.

I wish to have real answer.
I don't want to possess answer due to weather or Bell Alantic or Qwest problem.

Please let me know the actual one.

Thanks a lot.
Unfortinuately that's the actual problem. VDI (Where Burst's Site5's UltraSpeed's servers and much more are situated at)
We're supposto receive an Oc48 from along with a DS3 from MCI WorldCom however it has not showed up yet.

I am not gunna try to ensure you get baloney about passing the culprit elsewhere and I am not gunna attempt to defend anyhost. But when you'd like to learn where the issue is, its with Mission, Mission is/was origionally a telephone company not really a bandwidth company, and well they suck in a major way. For this reason VDI is shedding them but If only WorldCom and level3 would obtain ass's in gear and obtain individuals new lines in.

Daniel Pearson
UltraSpeed USA Opening Soon~

BurstNet server lower for last 5 hrs.

I've handful of asian sites located together which aites were lower for last 5 hrs. I personally don't like my clients call me 3 o'clock each morning.

Awaken burstnet and appearance your server please.

I really should move my clients site with other host company.
only 5 hrs for you personally? my website was lower all day long lengthy yesterday but still is appropriate now early each morning.

look at this publish made today from some other customer of burstnet at some other webforum:

i'm not sure if she's right, but my ip is for the reason that block too.. so she most likely is.
my close friends website is up and dealing, why is not mine darn it!

please burstnet, respond and tell us what's going on. daniel might be correct, however i rather listen to it completely from my host and not simply some other host utilizing the same provider. thanks

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