hi burst.net...

i'm contacting you here since i still haven't been told by your support team (does not always mean you havent responded, my mail service appears to poop out once along with a while) and also the bulletin board on your site is no longer working. ive seen an agent of burstnet publish about this forum before, so im wishing i'm able to get somewhere by asking some questions here. maybe clients of their own might be aware of solutions also

first i ought to inform you that i had been a past truehosting client, which is why i'm asking them questions. i've published formerly about this board as ?

1.) why does not anything during my user interface work? a few things do... but typically situations are being built. telnet does not work, it states it's loading but never loads.

2.) what's the road to my sites? i'm not sure if it's:
/home/username/public_html or /home/domainname/public_html

3.) when will your merchandise be completely functional? the user interface is my primary concern, since nothing appears to operate.

4.) when will your bulletin board work in order to direct these kinds of questions there rather than depleting space here!?

5.) how's it going coping with the billing issues? i taken care of my account with truehosting for the whole year... will burstnet know this or attempt to bill me more?

individuals would be the only questions i've. number 5 is an essential, if you are billing me more i quickly dont would like your business and can look for a host elsewhere.

thanks, and that i hope it was not inappropriate of me to publish these question here.

still revolving about
1.) Completely new User Interface 3....still just a little buggy. Typically 90% of things work, only a couple of things including webmail, telnet, along with a couple of other minor things continue to be put in.
2.) /home/username/public_html
3.) Our services are completely functional. BurstNET? has developed in the hosting niche for five years now, and it has a great status.
4.) We might be crippling this feature. We'd this active for just two years, and clients rarely tried on the extender.
5.) BurstNET? is going to be praising your billing with TH, atleast so far as advance obligations go, and keeping current rates. Obviously, we can't problem credit for billing dicrepencies or disputes with TH. BurstNET? continues to be sorrting through the customer database and records from TH, just s that's done, we'll have the ability to contact TH clients regarding everyything. Meanwhile, we haven't been provided having a workable contact list, and also have needed to go ahead and take tiresome task of producing one yourself.

Warm Reagrds,
Sean R.
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BurstNET Technologies, Corporation.?
1-877-BURSTNET - (570) 389-1100
sales@burst.net --- http://www.burst.net
P.O. Box #400 Bloomsburg, Pa 17815-0400 USA
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Burst.net services are pressurized...

I'm wishing their Clubpenguin 3. is ready to go soon - so far as I understand they been trying very difficult within the last week to make it happen.

I believe what save their repution is the front line first degree of technical support people like Keith and Patrick, who's always pay attention to us and check out their best for everyone us. So far as I concern, Keith is the only person that stored us up-to-date via e-mail.

For their sysadmin people, they're only the typical IT senior support staff who does not really understand customer support. They are doing the things they seem like, If they would like to response your e-mail, you're the lucky one.

We've many clients together and therefore are pleased with the things they got. Since third week of recently whenever we sign-up our very own account together, our account continues to be not 100% operational....

Possess a Terific day!
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