Can a number stop some visitors to your website if they would like to? I uslally get 30,000 page sights each day but i have observed get married-friday that on almost every other week it appears i only get 20,000 page sights on thouse days is my host cuting me off? or perhaps is it simply my website? It's usually there after i visit it may they not allow a ceartaion area of the US not to get at it? why would i believe this? because my host states they have limitless traffic as well as on the 13 of This summer i have consumed 21gb already with this month......what is your opinion?

Im searching in a RaQ3 what type of up keep must i do on a single? or does the host do all of it? i had been searching at one from hispeedhosting i seen around the cobalt site where one can reboot if you want to why can you?
It is dependent partially on which software/server the host is applying, but theoretically it is extremely possible.

It is extremely simple for a number to bar others from seeing your website by doing IP obstructing. However, because IP addressing around regions is not uniform, it may be a little tricky attempting to stop all a suburb of recent You are able to, for instance.

Regrettably your host appears to become one who's promoting the word 'unlimited traffic'. Should you to research the forum (i.e. look for 'unlimited traffic' posts) you will see there's no such factor as limitless traffic. And also, since you've already used 21 GBs (and it is only the center of the month), then it is apparent the host is getting tremendous trouble maintaining together with your usage, thus from time to time securing both you and your site visitors from your site. Hosts have to pay for bandwidth and when you are not careful, they are able to easily shut you lower.

My real question is : who's your host? Let me take a look at their website and let you know precisely what they specify and/or the things they charge.

For obtaining a RAQ3, perfect for beginners, but as with every devoted servers, they might require some upkeep. You will find other people who can counsel you regarding how to take proper care of a devoted server (Duster, are you able to help?), but you have to be careful of the energy production, and how long you need to take proper care of it.

Hope this can help.

Its located buy CommuniTech.Net.....I mailed them (the other day) and requested basically was at any danger plus they stated no......but maybe thats simply because they stop 10,000 people for three days almost every other week, i simply think it is strange regarding the way i get 10,000 less in the finish each week after that time the next week i recieve 30,000 like i usually do.

Just what would i have to do for up keep basically had my on RaQ3 this is exactly what hispeed states......just help

I dont think i have to back everything up will i? My website isn't that important however i always make a copy from it on my small hard disk just just in case. So far as restarting is the fact that something you would need to do weekly or monthly? I understand after i reboot my pc after utilizing it all day long the ram dates back up.


? 24 x 7 x 365 system and network monitoring
? Temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere
? Strictly controlled physical access
? Sophisticated computerized access control system
? Performance, utilization, and availability confirming
? Strictly enforced security guidelines
? UPS energy for located systems and network equipment
? Backup generator

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You will find other people who can counsel you regarding how to take proper care of a devoted server (Duster, are you able to help?), but you have to be careful of the energy production, and how long you need to take proper care of it.
Hope this can help.
Yes. I've info on my website to assist eliminate the secrecy about server management and help people get began. More will make the jump to devoted servers when they understood precisely what was needed of these. With a decent support department, a continuing readiness to understand, and also the proper attitude, server management isn't too daunting an activity.

Reached and choose the best side menu I'm going to be adding more into it now-finish. You will see more in depth coverage on security, moving in one host to a different, along with other subjects, additionally towards the material already there.


So far as traffic goes, there might be other explanations. I have noted for a very long time the way the traffic varies on my small site each day each week. I've an educational resource about diving. Visitors are cheapest on week-finishes and high on Mondays. I understand some reasons are that individuals are out diving and doing other activities on week-finishes plus some use computer systems at the office for access.

On Mondays, when most are to work and they've access once more, traffic peaks because they access the forums and find out the things they skipped within the week-finish.

You may consider similar reasons in regards to traffic flow in your site. Examine every day each week and chart the traffic. It might likely reveal a pattern.

Your bandwidth is fairly high for any shared server, also it might be time for you to be moving to some devoted one. Most guides I have seen suggest it whenever you hit 15 gb monthly regularly.

Cobalt RAQ servers, thogh limited in certain respects, have the benefit of a user interface especially targeted for novices. It's reported to complete nearly all function they'll requirement for server management.

An alternate would be to move up to the more robust Apple architecture server and be ready to find out more. Ultimately, I believe it may seem more rewarding. See my earlier publish above. I believe it may seem useful.
Duster thats a pleasant site with a lot of info if only i'd of discovered that last month however i did not see anything about up keep?

I saved your website
I'm going to be addressing upkeep, most likely now finish. I have had my very own server two several weeks now and write the articles as something totally new show up. Thus, this is an ongoing series. I've got a revision dat eon each pages so you can easily see if this was last updates and when any information continues to be added since a previous visit.
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