During the last couple of days i have been considering altering FlashTechnics inside a large way. I am searching for a number that may maybe provide this : -

Disk Space - 500mb
Bandwidth - 5000mb for that master domain, and 2500mb for clients domain names.
Full CGI-BIN..
Mysql and php3 or 4
The possibility to break lower the 300mb into segments of 25 permitting for up to 20 domain names to become located.
5 pop3 accounts
Limitless email sending.
Subdomains (not complusary.)
and all sorts of additional features you anticipate like control panel etc.

I've got a budget of maybe $40 to $50 per month.

Oh plus they to have the ability to accept british cheques.

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I accept british cheques however i don't have my server up yet...

You can have a look at catalog.com, hostpro.com &lifier vservers.com They all are good however i think their cost are a little greater compared to one you recommended.
Well have that server up and ill pay out .

[B]The possibility to break lower the 300mb into segments of 25[B]

I believe I skipped where 300MB makes the image (have you mean split the 500mb?)

I have ample space for you personally If interested tell me.
... I'm also awaiting the most recent discharge of H-Sphere from Positive Software, an excellent internet based interface... you can test it at http://www.hd.psoft.net/ cheers, C.
h-sphere is alright, although not what i recommend.
Its not so scalable from what ive seen however i might be wrong..if that's the case i am sorry ahead of time. I too can sort out your requirements and can still do it if you desired to take a look.
Chicken you utilize cobalt right? if that's the case ill snap your hands of at this offer. Got this factor about liking cobalt servers. What is your current email address ?

Edward Dalladay
Email - eddie@kchat.org or DjSy99@netscape.internet
Website - http://www.kchat.org or http://www.flashtechnics.com
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