I've got a site that will get 40,000 page sights each day and my sponsers stats will invariably say less but my primary issue is they pay buy CPM there saying when i dont have more click throughs that they'll cancel my account how do i have more click throughs? Thats my question the advertisements are towards the top of ever page also can one do? I can not halp when the advertisements dont obtain the viewers att.
I attempt to click them myself around i'm able to 50 % of time i recieve the mistake saying "cant click through" I stick with them simply because they pay alot for CPM, i'd drop them basically could obtain a good sponser but many let me know that my website is adult.

any advice?

I did not know elsewhere to request.

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What type of website is it?
Just from curiosity, what's the Hyperlink to your website? Among the finest to have a look to ascertain if it's what *I* would consider adult for the company.

I have seen many website hosts call anything with 'skin' adult. For me.. there's lots of 'gray area' .. once the lines are attracted between adult &lifier art or entertainment.

Afterall, is not these items about freedom of speech?!

-Phillip Crane
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BTW: If you think better delivering the URL via email, send it to pcrane@domainbuilder.net.


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I sent an email
Maybe you should think about focused advertising, like adult sites (not too I am large on net-porn). Typical surfer is probably searching for some skin and could be more prone to click right through to a grownup site rather than free animated gifs (I visit a million of individuals on banner advertisements).

Chris Marks
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Are you going to send us a connect to your website along with a current email address I'm able to respond too :-)

I have used valueclick.com before, they're pretty good. They permit you to filter your advertising somewhat, however they ppc. Unsure of the take on adult content or the things they deem adult content.
Someone states "bikini" which to some guy means "skin" and everybody really wants to view it. =)

Mike Astin
My host wouldn't allow adult ad banners i know and that i relaly won't put that type of content on my small site. I do not think my website is adult it is simply like watching the television show baywatch

I simply have no idea of numerous people who purchase CPM i can just learn close to 4.

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By Sponsor do u mean Ad banners. I am talking about i must get about 200 clicks each day however i just dont have any. Send us a link at chris@chrisdildy.com
yeah i meant ad banners i can not have any clicks eather, i'm not sure how others get it done. The ad banners are towards the top of each and every page.
Really I lately saw a couple of articles where they mentioned banner click-throughs were now lower to some mere .04%. .04% of impressions = should you have had a banner that made an appearance 10,000 occasions, it might only get clicked on roughly 4 occasions. It's that bad now, because individuals are actually attuned to 'avoiding' the ad banners (understanding that it most likely takes them elsewhere).....
Irrrve never give consideration to ad banners.
Maybe should you place a picture close to the banner and among your bikini babes saying 'click here'

Who knows, it might work. If you do not already, place some text underneath the banner stating 'please aid this website by going to our sponsers'. Many site visitors that enjoy your website will would like it to stay and can offer the support it requires.
AIS you've got a point. If there's grounds to click on the ad banners i quickly would.
I actually do ask them to near to the bikini babes still dosent work. My sponser states they will cancel me since i do not get anough clicks. every banner has please vist my sponser under them......with no sponser i cant purchase the website.
Would you publish a hyperlink for your site? Let me see how it's setup.

You will find many different ways you can get more click thrus, however it does rely on your audience. Even though it may appear that lots of are going to to determine the women in your site, they might also share some other common interest.

Try running some polls in your site to explore your website site visitors, then you'll understand what they're thinking about and may target individuals specific genres.

Search the web for marketing strategies and lessons, even when you are not selling items or services in your site you are attempting to obtain some type of earnings to aid your website. Understanding the methods to this should help you tons.
E-mail me the hyperlink for your site, i quickly may offer you a much better suggestion regarding getting good click-throughs.
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