Got 2 sites I have to put

Both need about 100 megs of space, pop3 email, cgi-bin access.
One of these have to have another URL aliased into it.

Been searching at and Any ideas available?
Both hosts are extremely, excellent, and also you can't possibly fail with. Toss a gold coin and select
You may make the best choice by searching each and every package that either host provides you with, and find out featuring you'll use or otherwise.
You could also want to look at for any great service and inexpensive plans.

Have fun with your choice :-)

Bogdan Golubin
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MilkMan....You might like to use the search option the following within the forum, and find out what results you receive on. I went across this publish on veo earlier, just couple of comments, but positive ones
To be sure with Bog, in the statement of selecting which host will best meet your requirements, and try to send them an email to determine ig you receive prompt reactions. Best Of Luck!

HostCaters--We Cater Hosting

E-mail me at or publish your e-mail address. I understand of the great idea for you personally that you simply might be thinking about. Interesting time!

Vincent Paglione
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