I'm searching for good hosting company that offer enough space and limitless levels of POP3 E-Mail accounts. I've discovered http://www.brinet.net/ that has plans that appear to be attractive. Could they be worthwhile? I wish to pay around $5 per month

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Mike - to begin with, it may sound like several Jonothan is searching for is limitless e-mail, not 'everything within the world' ... and secondly, you cannot blame people for asking relating to this kind of factor when you will find lots of hosts available that false advertise they offer 'unlimited everything for any buck'... so quite your griping.

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Another "I want everything on the planet for five dollars!" --

Onto http://brinet.net -- By now, their server is unreachable, lower, not reacting. To date, much less reliable.

Also, they're either re-selling or have some form of co-location with verio.net - as packets start shedding after a number of routes with the verio.net network.

I'd ask, to locate a reliable host. Investigate traceroutes, pings, etc. Contact the host to obtain a "feel" of the support, send them an e-mail and find out how lengthy they take to reply to you.

I'd also look beyond having to pay more that 5 dollars per month, if you would like "everything" - The very best you'll do for five dollars per month is 10-25MB web space, maybe 1GB bandwidth, and 1-5 POP3 mail accounts.

Best of luck.

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To begin with, with your a defensive attitude, I suppose that you simply work with brinet.

I do not see where Mike is griping.. Also, he did give pointers on which to check on for inside a host -

I examined the site myself, which is actually lower. A bad sign for any reliable hosting company.

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lol =) he he he ... no, I am avoid brinet, actually, I do not work with a webhost whatsoever. I simply finished reading through 'web hosting is really a joke' and would be a little disgruntled by 'getting_outs' messages to individuals searching for hosts that wanted everything for free.

Sorry to be around the defensive, but initially when i first began searching for hosts, I too was misled into convinced that there have been such deals as $5 for limitless e-mail and mega bandwidth... all due to really seeing hosts advertise they did actually carry these amazing package offers (which they did not) ... so, to Mike, I am sorry, and that i do accept that which you mentioned besides your little comment about people wanting everything for free - when you are a new comer to the scene, you actually have no idea much better, you simply think you are visiting a damn great deal =(

Essentially, you just need to opt for the word, you receive that which you purchase.


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jonathan across 18 servers I get access to about 1500 POP accounts...I personally use maybe 25...might I request what you want by having an limitless number or them?... its acceptable for host companies to bitch about people wanting limitless everything for free...cos if they're stupid enough to vow after that it they ought to deliver...but reasonably the recommendation about look into the support and server availability is nice advice.. also would be to search for the thing you need ...not what sounds good but maybe is meaningless. An issue towards the hosts...the number of individuals offering 50 or 100 POP accounts discover the number really used is well underneath the available number?
take a look at sentrishosting.com

with no, I do not work there.

I have have a package at this time that meets me. And it is the best offer I have discovered there.

300 meg for $15/month, plus all of the addon stuff, etc.
Also, so you realize Jonathan, when you are getting "unlimited email options"....that doesn't mean you are able to provide them with out or sell them. No host provides you with limitless POP's to provide out, but when your thinking about while using 1,000,000,000 on your own, not a problem then.
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