Attention: (With whom it might concern)

The corporation billed my Visa for more than $1000, totally on Pizza Hut and Supermarket.

Here's the organization which i opted for before and that i found them out of this site:
Scott Byers
Canadian Internet Services

The e-mail address isn't working any longer. On my small statement the web service charges were from CIS Network Corporation. NC (U.S. condition)

I registered together In march and following a month . 5, They still can't get my devoted server account setup. I cancel them and agree to cover the first setup fee simply to exist cleanly. I simply it did not help and linked with emotions . scam their clients and taking advantage of their charge cards for other reasons.

Appreciate your time and effort!

Perhaps you have reported this for your charge card company and asked for chargebacks?


Whoops! There goes another $.02!
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