Hi, we're going to choose a hosting company and therefore are leaning towards Interland. Has anybody had any knowledge about these men??
There has been many questions regarding their unreliability and surveys are quite mixed.
http://www.scriptkeeper.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000718.html might scare you away!

What exactly are you particularly searching for? People around here will have the ability to provide better recommendations should you provide particulars.

Btw, Mark, I see you are on a single host company as me (Telstra Large Pond Cable) - good to help you around!

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****! What a listing of complaints! There does not appear to become 1 hosting company around which does not possess a mega listing of complaints and alerts published about this somewhere.

To elaborate, we want a number that will give a whole number of pop e-mail makes up about use at our domain.

Hey BC, talking about Telstra when could they be likely to provide us with our very own Ip back? Given that they switched their "transparent" proxy on I appear to achieve the same IP as a collection of others.

Really your reply was rather interesting.
I'll agree many webhosting company's will have many complaints. A good reason is most of the company's is one guy procedures which nothing is wrong with this. However, many get overloaded and may not handle the clientel with only one individual. This is exactly what I've discovered to be.

A few of the complaints are legitimate. MANY complaints Aren't.

I wouldn't believe all you read. These forums and threads seem to be VERY bios. Particularly when ther hosting company's arrived at the board and begin responding and slammng other competition. Such because you will continue reading this board.

Interland isn't a "one guy operation". Like a merchant (in those days) I'd issues with them myself annually . 5 ago. They frequently double charged me, had many FrontPage extension crashes, and technical support apparently wouldn't really read email before responding with standard solutions like "we reinstalled extensions" once the email stated which had recently been done. I eventually needed to file a complaint using the States Attorney office before I received my money-back that they stolen (stolen understood to be taking something without permission and declining to send it back).
I'll grant which was a very long time ago, but knowing by posts I just read they've still not enhanced.
Biased? Well, if things choose to go well, I'd be with them. That wouldn't be rivaling them wouldn't it?

Ok last one, I didn't remember to say the very best illustration of their technical support level and "customer service". At some point their teches released my website to itself like a sub web (FrontPage) and than my "account repetition" (whom Irrrve never heard about before or again) known as me voice to complain which i was over file limit size which I repair it immediately! She ongoing to become belligerent despite I described it had become their technicians that made it happen!!

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I partly accept SurfingJoe they can be careful of these complaints. However, once they become very consistent (e.g. check Usenet - http://www.deja.com/group/alt.www.webmaster and will also provide lots of search engine results about Interland) and also you hear exactly the same company repeatedly then questions do really arise whether they're legitimate or otherwise.

Bear in mind, it is the Net - it's bloody simple to be anonymous. So who knows... But when the complaints are consistent plus they originate from a variety of different sources, then accusations are elevated...

And Mark, for Telstra, I've no blooming idea... I certainly did not learn about this 'transparent proxy' until I observed my Ip range had transformed for that umpteenth time within the last 3 days! Grrrrrr.....

Err, an entire series? 200? 300? How about space featuring? I have have a narrow your search of hosts that may suit you.

POP mail boxes are very cheap to setup nowadays, which means you should not must much trouble getting a decent mailbox host for any decent cost. Just don't choose any 'unlimited' hosts

Not too you cannot find this in a host (the POP emails), but perhaps you have checked out bn3.com ? I believe you may such as the system they've (also it will not matter what you are located by).
Interland are extremely good spammers they sent me over 40 emails per week asking me to become listed on there service when id didn't have any connection with them

Well men I just read enough about Interland to scare me off. I have just registered with Mavcorp ( www.mavcorp.net ). They permit 100 pop accounts and 300 megs of space on NT servers. These were 1 of numerous that offered the characteristics I had been searching for however i selected them because:

1) Could not find a lot of negative comments/feedback about the subject.
2) Webmail use of all of your pop accounts - real handy.
3) Cost is fair and frozen for existence - awesome whether it's really true.
4) Corporate office and phone number around australia (where I'm) in order to talk to someone throughout local company hrs if I have to. (however their servers are really in California not Australia just in case you are wondering.)

Hope these men are just like they seem to be!
Like I stated, if 100 isn't enough, take a look at bn3.com!!!
Though I've come across lots of negative comments about Interland, I haven't observed anything wrong myself. We host our website together and contains yet to visit lower. (Knock on wood) For the support, sure I did previously remain on hold to have an hour approximately, but recently it's been only the very best. Anyhow, hope your experience is just like mine!
As I read about some issues with Interland, I'm able to verify one personally. I had been spammed a lot more than two days ago with a site located by Interland. Despite getting reported it two times to Interland, even estimating their clearly hypocritical guidelines against junk e-mail using the second report, this website continues to be functional.

See for her. http://www.lightspeedmarketing.com is really a spamware site (they offer junk e-mail servives and software) Perform a whois research and you'll view it is located by Interland.

Registranteko and Affiliates (LIGHTSPEEDMARKETING-DOM)
PO Box 493
Centreville, Veterans administration 20122

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Patton, Dork (RM13375) admin@LIGHTSPEEDMARKETING.COM
Peko and Affiliates
21495 Ridgetop Circle
Sterling, Veterans administration 20166
(703) 406-7805
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Support, Tech (TS6330) hostmaster@INTERLAND.COM
Interland, Corporation.
101 Marietta St Ste 200
Atlanta, GA 30303
800-589-5060 (FAX) 404-586-0001

Record last up-to-date on 31-Marly-2000.
Record expires on 01-March-2000.
Record produced on 01-March-1998.
Database last up-to-date on 18-Jul-2000 02:18:20 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


That needs to be sufficient cause for anyone to pass through on Interland, or perhaps to leave them. Any junk e-mail haven ought to be prevented. Should you lay lower with dogs, you will get track of fleas (and ticks).

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