This email was delivered to Communitech a lot more than 10, but there is no clarified.

Dear Communitech

On Feb tenth, 2000, We placed a purchase for any devoted server,, with . Steve guaranteed us free upgrade to Home windows 2000 after
Microsoft launched its new operating-system. It's been a lot more than 30 days
since we've placed this order.

On Thursday Feb ninth, we known as Steve again to determine whether our
server was ready. Steve once more guaranteed us "Chad" (the Specialist) will
install Home windows 2000. He stated: "The operating-system is totally new, so provide him
(Chad) a few days to operate onto it. He'll have it completed in five days.)

Today we known as again to locate that Steve is no more employed at
Communitech. I was then was moved to Chad. When explaining the
situation to Chad he was unreceptive and reluctant to obtain a supervisor to
adress this case. His comment was " we will have to pay $250 to $375 if
you want to upgrade to Home windows 2000". We're very frustrated. Your staffing
troubles are not ours as well as your service has bee much to become preferred for.

I'm a webmaster. I from time to time refer my clients whom I develop
web pages for to I must tell them on
prices, and today I found that I had been mispresentd by Communitech's saleperson.
The company that people bought this server to have an e-tailing site. I must
constantly update my boss around the status of the site. I want a solution as
whether you will recognition your obligations otherwise we will need to take
our business else where.

We're asking Communitech to satisfy Steve's promises. That's, to refund our
March devoted server fee (because we did not put it to use while awaiting
Communitech to upgrade our server to Home windows 2000), and that we request free
upgrade to Home windows 2000.


If you would like we are able to match or provide you with a better deal around the server to prevent your frustration.


CommuniTech is a great company once you understand working using their support. They're extreamly understaffed. I am certain you will find good quality merchants on their behalf that can help you. Many occasions the a VAR can offer better support.
I'm sorry, my last publish doesn't apply. I didn't read your publish carefully enough. I'm sorry concerning the problems you'd using the devoted server. That actually sucks!
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