They sent me an e-mail saying i made use of as much as much CPU.......atleast they where nice explained first.
Can your other customers who received these emails from communitech publish your sites? I'm just curious what each one of these sites are utilizing that triggers communitech to shut their accounts.
well i know they eliminated me because today is simply the 20 of this summer and i have used over 30gb of bandwidth.......they are saying they've "unlimited bandwidth" so that they cancel me for implementing to much CPU......there is no such factor as "unlimited"
Just FYI,

should you take a look at most of the hosts with "unlimited" traffic, they've some clause a good ACTUAL limit. It's type of screwey .. and i believe it is a bait and switch. And termination without warning, it's happening throughout! Personally, i tell people who are searching for a webhost (whether it is mine or someone's) .. the more compact the organization, the greater ( for an extent). A sizable company most likely will not value the only $15.00/month customer... whereas the little men is going to do what's essential to please a person having a valid problem. Browse the more compact men, but make sure whenever your more compact guy continues vacation the whole operation does not cease to possess support =)

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