With the talk happening about cracking (the right term for which many describe as hacking), I figured many people might enjoy being awar eof a few sites that cope with security issues. The first is Root Spend at http://rootshell.com/ You will find lots of news tales together with useful information. Read concerning the two crackers sentenced to dying among other tales.

Another website is Security Focus at http://www.securityfocus.com/ Neither site limits their confirming to computer and Internet issues only, but include other electronics too.

Also, within the U.S., the FBI will investigate oftentimes should you request they are doing so. Because the Internet crosses condition limitations, entering a server falls under their jusrisdiction. I understand somebody that had the FBI investigate when someone assaulted his mail server and added 1000's of names to his subscriber list.

This is actually the same guy who later have a devoted server at dellhost.com, which I have made reference to.

So, if you reside within the U.S. as well as your server is cracked, youmay wish to consider calling the FBI. Nothing can compare to a cracker relaxing in prison, without any computer, to provide them time for you to reflect of the evil ways and altering their existence for that better. Prison is the best place on their behalf, plus some are offer dying, just rewards for crooks.
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