How about we all webhosts provide a webforum for his or her clients? Wouldn't this help reduce the ammount of tech support team emails they suffer from?

It would, since other clients might help newbie clients, etc.

Whatever you webhosts available that could be reading through this, please keep this in might really accelerate important technical support questions, and permit your customers to create a more powerful community.

Just my two cents...
Ours are available here

Even when your not really a customer and there's something here that will help you don't hesitate to browse around.
I believe Davey from TrueHosting should setup a note board for his clients. If he is doing, wouldn't this reveal that he really comes with clients who respect and relish the services he provides?

PCISD, you do great! I truly do believe that the greater a number tries to create a community among their customers, the best they'll be in attaining trust and potentially more clients over time.

Not have clients? Your BBS is empty and deserted.
Discussion boards aren't useful unless of course you will find lots of clients. We've 100 located domain names and our forum has become an overall total of 12 posts because it was opened up in September and just one was web located account related. Many people just e-mail us as well as time is small. With 100 active accounts, we simply receive about 3 technical support e-mails per week.
Another WebHost
What's you URL?
It is a great sign with this board.

Shows must in our clients are pleased and our user interface is extremely easy to use :-)
Exactly, PCISD. What that other host is looking over is the need for perception in addition to overt helpfulness. On the site that otherwise appeared reliable, where signs are that messages weren't taken off the forum to hide any problems, the possible lack of lots of problems or questions could be an indication that the organization does well for the reason that respect.

If you will find any problems or questions, the way they are worked with states a lot more for the organization than if they're removed.

The programs I personally use on my small site have open forums with no message is taken away (except by the pack leader who published it). Installation, usage, feature demands, along with other questions are talked about, in addition to bugs.

The standard from the programs is really that any bugs are usually small ones and many are quickly fixed. It sometimes takes the aid of customers to obtain the reason for a bug that affects merely a couple of people.

Website hosts can use their forums for support issues, discuss features, including feature demands, within their user interface, cooking techniques, junk e-mail prevention, and much more.

Even when the forum does not get used much, just getting one is definitely an indicator from the responsiveness of the organization.

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Everyone have to alter the font in your user interface. Nowhere is simply too difficult to see from the black. Just attempting to help.
I attempted PCISD's trial also it looks great. I wasn't really thinking about getting hosting just then, but having the ability to test things out first is extremely awesome.

I believe the user interface ought to be transformed to some whitened background (maybe your website too)...sometimes more dark skills allow it to be difficult to read (for me personally a minimum of) and want to show off all of the lights so my eyes will not start harming. Alter the colors (minor suggestion) and i believe more and more people is going to be switched on aimed at your website.

I will in all probability use your organization when my account with some other company expires...hehe they do not actually have a user interface the industry must in the modern hosting industry.
We're while a brand new user interface at this time. I believe the end result is going to be 300x much better than out current user interface.

I designed a promise sometime to provide good service and i'm trying my toughest:-)
Just tips and support...

What color must i alter the font within the Clubpenguin?
Does each domain or website you host include a devoted Ip?
No, we needed to do that if we give IP's out then someone could possibly get a totally free website around forever once we make use of the domain title to prevent someone from registering over and over.

We are able to hand out IP's but it might be on the seprate server and more often than not requires payment upfront.
Why other host can offer devoted Ip and yours cannot? I love the help at PCISD but without devoted Ip I'm getting second ideas. Just how can someone purchase a domain over and over, are you able to explain?
PCISD can, however the one month deal wouldn't use it. Since someone could register over and over using different domain names after which just point the main one domain towards the Ip given for that other domain names it might allow it to be simple to get free hosting forever. For instance if registered for and pointed to 198.834.943.32 then your thirty days were up... the individual could register for't request in which the title originated from...), customize the IP (198.834.943.84) and merely point towards the new Ip.
Our host website is There exists a forum at It is not used much and Jonathan and I've been lately speaking about getting rid of it altogether. After reading through this thread, I believe we will need to reconsider.

Such as the ?Another Host,? we obtain relatively couple of support demands. Many people think that whenever a host stays amount of time in a forum such as this attempting to help those who are not clients and potentially getting some extra business the host is neglecting their current clients. During my company, clients are our most important. When we get 10 support demands per week I contemplate it an active support week.

For getting rid of threads, the only real ones that people have removed originated from a looser who had been not really a person. He apparently think it is funny to publish 98 messages without a penny but cuss words.

Frank Rietta
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