Can there be any web service provider that provide dns services (like however with a 1 time fee (or perhaps a several weeks fee) ? All of the dns services that I've come across want about 40$ for each domain which i increase the dns


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it's free and compensated DNS-service
Do u know even is exist a dns services that enable me to join up my very own nameservers ? Like and
Not free, despite per month costs.

Thanks again

I possibly could provide you with nameservers for 25 monthly.

Jane S
You can request that from centralinfo too, a minimum of merchant program they've includes own nameservers
I've really been in touch with among the people at centralinfo relating to this. Will let guess what happens it makes sense...
Dear Siz,

I understand this will not assist you with you at this time, but my opportunity is developing intends to launch an online DNS Hosting Service which will let people their very own title server addresses (ns1/ with your personal insolvency practitioners). The services are most likely 6 to 9 several weeks off once we are looking into the possibility profitability of the service for example that.

Frank Rietta
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