Which domain register would you folks prefer, Network Solutions or Register.com? I have tried personally both and prefer registers system for maintaining domain names.

Any reason you do not make use of a registrar that's under $35/mo ? You may prefer both of these, but did you know cheaper registrars exist?
Although I do not have domain names registered at register.com I actually do possess some clients that registered there and that i will admit the interface for maintaining is way better than at NS. We currently register domain names through BulkRegister and thats super easy too. In the last years Ive registered several domain names through NS and that i won't ever recommend anybody for them again. A year ago, they have especially went downhill, with *no* type of support for his or her clients whatsoever. Also they never update their database as often as they are saying.

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The only real factor I'm able to offers are personal expertise. We have registered and transfered a lot of domains which i must have a diploma inside it right now!

If you would like the best way forward around the net ... "RUN" from Network Solutions - FAST! Individuals individuals are so weak simply mind boggling how they have managed to get this far! Their product is nearly impossible for the client's to deal with, meaning more meet your needs!

Obtain a domain provider which will answer the telephone, allow user interface management access and handles your client's domain issues correctly. Do not get all looking forward to the cash you can observe yourself making with domain names ... "It's only a service you need to provide to help keep things running smooth!

$35 is fair. It features a built-in margin for the company too. A great provider charges you the customer and problem a check upon completion. The primary point is ... "make sure you are having a first class provider!" A few of these cheap clothes cause more trouble than they are worth! Once you are doing 100 monthly, you'll thank me!


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Alex...LOL, which was exactly my point about
NS too...a current notice a client had wasnt the clients fault (However they NS make it extrememly diffucult with all of their forms, etc) this client wound up giving them a call several occasions, coupled with confirmations etc that everything was "DONE"....still required a couple of days to obtain fully moved! Crazy!
By myself, was without troubles together, a Couple of Years back but a year ago I've too. TERRIBLE!!
To be sure about running from Network Solutions. That you can do better with a few of the other registrars, both on cost and repair. I've notified my clients towards the one Now i use which them any wish to transfer.

I recommend staying away from alldns.com They simply aren't outfitted to deal with domain sign ups correctly. If there's any error whatsoever within their system (and there's), they are not informed about this nor are you currently. I lost per week dealing with my new server waiting to allow them to register the title. I threw in the towel in it. I've one domain together I'll transfer afterwards.

I have been happy with 000domains.com There is a better system than NSI, are less costly ($13.50 versus $35) and also have free domain parking. Changes are faster and simpler to create compared to NSI. You may also alter the registrant, and get it done without having to pay extra, as you've related to NSI.

I let my clients learn about them, and recommended they may want to transfer to them, together with offering to get it done on their behalf.

You will find all registrars now, and finding a high quality one is a little like getting a good host.

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Here is a couple of more reasons to not use NSI or Register.//

Register.com - http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/cn/2000...ty_hole_1.html

NSI - http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/2000...lon_dc_10.html

(Personally, I personally use either Joker.com or Weblaunching.net - both of them are cheap and therefore are reliable and *quick*)...
I understand individuals that have experienced similar problems at NSI with claiming back their domain names. NSI is simply too large and unresponsive.

I recommend to anybody who still uses them, to a minimum of change their verification system to "password" (or pgp) instead of "mail-from". Being confident of, they'll still get access to change their records even when hte e-mail address on file is no more valid or accessible.

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I have to be missing something here. I registered my domain title with NS a couple of several weeks ago, coupled with no problems whatsoever -- also it was up and your couple days.

Shortly after that, I recognized how bad HostingPlans.com was and moved to VeoWeb.net (ahhh, far better!). Again, I'd no issues with NS, and my domain title began visiting the VeoWeb servers for only about three days.

I suppose either I am missing something, or even I am the best towards the rule recently?

There goes another $.02!
Wow ... I am not surprised whatsoever the Pro's being released against NS. Actually, it has the potential for becoming among the longest threads ever! Agree?

Yeah! We hear what you are saying. But, the thing is not concerning the five to ten domain names each year that NS will get right. It comes down to the countless a person's which go wrong and also the loops you need to jump right through to have them handled. Maybe you have needed to call NS Support? Take my advise ... don't!

The domain companies you're searching to make use of may have live phone support, immediate confirmation and web management access. Whenever you say NS set you up by 50 percent-3 day's, you shouldn't be impressed. Our provider can redirect a website or allow "whois" alterations in under 2 hrs.

Hope this can help you avoid an issue eventually!

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I'll throw my hat set for bulkregister.com, who we use...we considered moving to opensrs.com however my understanding is you'll want the cash inside your account to allow them to purchase a domain. Bulkregister enables you to definitely provide a card and go. Upgrading is simple too.

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You have everything right aside from one irrelevant item. This is not even near to as being a lengthy discussion, a smaller amount a long ever, or perhaps the longest here. A particular webhost having a terrible status (that is still spoken about in certain fashion or any other) ahs produced probably the most dicussion here, as well as breeding a couple of sequels and spilling over into unrelated discussions.

However, you nailed the issue with NSI

I would not wish to start another hate thread, but you are right about one factor. You will find a lot of hosting firms who mishandle their deals!

I am sure everybody here works very hard to deal with support issues for the client bases. It cracks me as much as hear a few of the Baloney that individuals get subjected to just to possess a decent operational server to host their sites on. A number of this really is triggered by not charging enough per account to deal with all the work correctly. Agree?

At Audio-video, we'll never obtain the nickle and cent clients on our bodies, because we are just a little greater compared to "low-budget" host's for any justification. But, one thing's without a doubt, we never loose any over down time or support either!

What will get me is when NS is really so lucrative and thus stupid simultaneously! I personally don't like to discover that the client is transfering a website from NS once they arrived at us. I simply realize that someone here will need to fight that monster each time to complete the job!
This is a serious total waste of time, too!


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Good thread.

Someone requested long ago available online for why you would go and among the large names when signing up a website. Personally, I do not care if my registrar is large or small, however i do care if they are accredited with ICANN, the worldwide agency billed with this particular stuff within the brave " new world ".

To be honest, I've no specific reason whatsoever to provide regarding precisely why I thought about accreditation initially when i first got began, except most likely that I am an rectal Virgo. However it brought me in direction of register.com, where I have bought 3 domain names this season. I have been thrilled using the service to date...but I am haven't really fight-examined them yet (i.e., my domain names are parked, until the following month).

Fellow entered-T and dotted-I lovers will find their email list of ICANN-accredited registrars by tossing ICANN into Google as well as other decent internet search engine. I'd supply the link, but I am tired.

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Bulkregister= alabanza


Choices, choices.
000domains is undoubtedly the best option. i have attempted to update DNS for any friend at NSI, and that i swear to god i had been lost to have an hour attempting to search for the damn form! at 000domains all used to do was click 3 occasions, there! plus, derive because you could possibly get 3 domain names at 000domains for the similar cost as 1 at NSI...
Initially published by StarfoxZL:
000domains is undoubtedly the best option.
You will find plenty of new registrars now, plus some offer much better service at much more inexpensive price points than NSI. I am with Starfox on that one. I attempted another registrar (alldns.com) and wasn't pleased. these were not really prepared to handle the service as well as their system has a lot of problems. You can lose a website awaiting confirmation from their store.

I've been extremely pleased with 000domains and also have suggested these to my clients. I've found their system far better than NSI's. Their rates will also be far better.

Oddly enough, though they're a merchant for TUCOWS (OpenSRS), their rates are less costly than you will get from TUCOWS. However, there's nothing cheap regarding their service.

Just like website hosts, you will find several good options among registrars, in addition to some to prevent. You will find several which are overpriced and unresponsive to clients.

Whichever we use (either host or registrar), it is good that there exists a choice.

Additionally a merchant of tucows and I've discovered them fast, reliable and affordable (15$). I transfered my domain names from NS for them in a single easy step. I could not believe how easy it had been. I'd certainly recommend these to anybody.

I am off to look at 000domains.com

"I AM!"
I have not looked after DirectNIC... They're not going to create nameservers for the domain names. Additionally they don't provide you with use of your true account information to handle your domain directly using the ICANN registrar, OpenSRS.