includes a free service which will monitor a url for 8 hrs after which give back an e-mail from the results.
I have been curious about how people do that too. Just info.

i registered for that free trial offer.. thanks!

bad it is not free forever (pinching pennies while you look at this!) though. however the best things in existence will never be free...

*trades in her own vehicle obligations for DSL*
no biggie, i dont drive much anyway

what had mattered... matters little now
we've shattered... apart in some way
i have heard people say about this board yet others that you will find programs that may help you monitor whenever your site goes lower.

are these free, otherwise or maybe so, could someone direct me to where i'm able to find these programs?


what had mattered... matters little now
we've shattered... apart in some way
Also consider Netwhistle ( ), that will monitor, free of charge, as much as five sites for you personally. It transmits out email alerts when among the sites in your list goes lower and on the other hand when it is support. It will likewise send an every week summary are accountable to you. Good tool.

Hosting Matters, Corporation. includes a free service.

It's *not* perfect - you'll from time to time get notices that the website is lower if this really is not, and you'll from time to time possess the site go lower and WebPartner does not really notice (because it only inspections every fifteen minutes approximately).

It's, however, reasonably reliable, and it is well worth the cost you have to pay for doing things ($.00).

Don't put you are entire server farm in WebPartner's hands, but when all you are searching for is one thing to inform you in case your site is lower, and also you bear in mind that you ought to always by hand verify the errors it transmits, it works fairly well.


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I second Annette's publish. It really works well, and charges $.00
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