Yesterday my email had been blocked because elicitservers ip has bad rankings. And So I opened up a ticket, really 2 tickets for just two different occurrences and I didn't get a reply after 24 hrs. Again today while attempting to send email it had been again blocked plus they were important... which emails aren't right?

Then, Time passes for supper today only to discover that my website and all sorts of my clients sites are lower!! It's been over one hour already. Could it be a PHP problem AGAIN?!

I've had service together for more than 12 months also it was great, this season, things are altering and never for that better. I realize they're a reasonably new host, but this really is completely unacceptable.

I understand I possibly could search the forum, but seeing this is when I discovered about Elicitservers to start with, I'm a little unsure basically is going with only any host who will get +++ from people. Could someone direct me to a different canadian hosting company who are able to supply the uptimes they boast about?

Jason I believe that's them. They're good imo. I personally use them and haven't had any problems.
Regrettably they do not offer merchant packages. They'll soon, based on their website. Thanks... I must make the most of their 50% off!
I am dealing with that problem while you. The VPS I am using together can also be lower. All of their website is lower too. Not searching real good.
I've some packages on Hawkhost and Crocweb (CA) - both since ~1y and both of them are ok.

I do not understand, why i'm always so stupid to check a brand new host (like elicitservers) only to avoid wasting dollars / year...useless.
Same deal here tami6699. My sites were blazing fast together, but still are when situations are running.

Chaotic-hostings, perhaps you have received credit during the last problem they'd with PHP? I received a totally free year of hosting. The one thing that's really burning me relating to this situation is the fact that my clients can't even message me, seeing it's all regulated lower. I'm able to only think of the nasty emails I will have when/if the will get removed up!

Here's wishing you'd everything supported in your area!
No I am a newcomer with Elicit and so i skipped the drama using the PHP. I am within the same situation with my clients. Their email heading down will cause some serious issues that I am not searching toward.
I can not connect with their website or mine. WTH is happening together
Yes, i additionally obtain the mail using the 12 months free, however i don't worry about it.

I'm lucky...a couple of days ago a manual full cpanel backup

Take a look at crocweb, CA, they likewise have coupons here. Nice support and try to up.
Fast make your cpanel backup copies, server are (right now) back.
Ok last one. Go go go. Support it! lol
Focusing on it! **unhappy--

Searching for Crocweb coupons. Anyway point me within the right direction?
Not too difficult to find

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I can not say I am surprised, you need to do get that which you purchase within the hosting world... hell, they've packages for under $1.50/mo! Yikes. Get rid of the merchant costs and they're making pennies, let alone needing to purchase servers and staff.
I've been trying to download my cpanel files and try to get a "socket read fail" about 50 % way with the download... frustrating.

No reason in asking Elicitservers for assistance, seeing I still can't send email correctly plus they don't answer there tickets...
Have you get all of your cpanel supported. I simply finished moving those I'd there to crocweb.
Have you get all of your cpanel supported. I simply finished moving those I'd there to crocweb.
I acquired everything supported right into a file, but getting issues installing them. I finally have a response from Elicitservers and all sorts of they are doing is blame it on the bad client. Seriously?! Issues happen to be too numerous with bad clients recently to help keep by using their excuse.

Crocweb has attention. I've got a new client developing board within the next short while, possibly I'll start them off on Crocweb, observe how it is going.

Everything good on Crocweb, smerrikin?
Crocweb continues to be ideal for me. 100% uptime during the last 2 several weeks that I've been together. Server is definitely fast and ticket response time is under 5 min.
Crocweb is great...because ~ 12 months only one time server lower (which was just a introduced hardwarechange).

You receive a ticket clarified? I do not have any answer as well as for my last ticket they require 9 days...
Here's their reaction to the problems these were getting on March 15. It appears quite generic, and so i figured all Elicitserver clients would take advantage of it... in some way.



Sorry for that slow reply, I guarantee you we're making enhancements on our response occasions since right now they're certainly not acceptable, and that we know about this. The brand new staff we hired will probably be from frameworks/training by Monday March 19th (tomorrow), and also the work per agent is going to be greatly enhanced in addition to response occasions.

Just telling you the problem was because of an abusive customer that's been taken off our systems, they triggered an IP null route further in the chain in the datacenter because of excessive bombarding/phishing/hacking/botnet and Web sites, this caused the the outage experienced on March 15th. We all do have Web sites protection in position, this isn't what triggered the null route, but instead for IP status because of the alarming quantity of TOS problems that clients accounts were creating, the whole IP range what food was in risk (within under one day Spamhaus and several other RBL's blocked that entire IP range because of this customer). We'd the null route lifted once all of the jeopardized accounts have been taken off our network (which required just a little to recognize and link the issue accounts together).

We rapidly conveyed with Spamhaus along with other RBL's and our IP ranges happen to be removed and everything ought to be normal again.

For those who have more questions please request!