Fellow site managers, no matter the topic few your website, what are the functions it provides? Will it do anything whatsoever additionally towards the following?

guest book
discussion forums
links submission
occasions listing and register
reviews (with rankings on rater)
classified advertisements
database (people, etc.)
book store (Amazon . com.com, etc.)
handmade cards (electronic)
shopping cart software
site internet search engine
links directory (Yahoo like)

I am requesting a couple of reasons, to ascertain if Ive skipped any important functions, and since I make frequent tips to the authors of a few of the better programs that perform a few of these functions. Some have multiple functions. I encourage interoperability and shared sign ups to really make it simpler for that consumer and managers.

For example, I personally use 2 programs that together, perform the first 10 functions out there. One author is developing programs that is going to do the majority of the relaxation.

Are there more things your website does that are not out there?
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