I presently operate a small webhost that mostly suits small company during my neighborhood. I've an exchange server which i bought some time back and run my own e-mail from. Presently all the clients route with the Linux server, the majority are just getting it submitted to a different account like gmail or whatever. So I've rambled enough. I wish to replace (maybe) my exchange server with a few other solution. Before anybody informs me to simply get exchange located the reply is no. I must have the ability to provide this like a plan to my clients free of charge without having to raise my prices to do this. Many of them carry an apple iphone or Android device that's able to OTA sync with exchange real-time and i believe they'd think it is just like helpful as me.

Listed here are my simple needs:
Push email, contacts, calendar to the device that utilizes active sync OTA
Secure web mail
Outlook connectivity

I've checked out getting an Apple Server solution in addition to a few of the Linux solutions like zimbra. They appear appealing however i do not have knowledge about them.
Allow the debate begin.
I have tried personally and like Zimbra. Nevertheless the free edition had lots of features that people personally wanted missing cheap it truly is not that cheap for that taken care of version we made the decision to stay with Exchange. One factor to bear in mind with Zimbra is the fact that like exchange it's very resource intensive, which causes it to be not always the very best to provide out free. Personally I like Exchange 2010. Presently I've got a hybrid exchange on-premisses and exchange located atmosphere. We use Lync Online (one more reason why we tied to exchange).

Zimbra is not everything difficult to manage for those who have an average linux background. Once its ready to go most jobs are done using a web administration panel.
The cost can't be the sole factor about exchange located, IMHO. Take a look at what you'll receive should you go located versus the problem of zimbra or other mail service in-house.

Exchange Companies, SherWeb, Hostway, title it, all have interesting merchant program or affiliate marketers.

Exchange 2010 provides a lot, like activesync for apple iphone and android.
So far as I'm concerned email hosting may be the greatest discomfort within the hosting that is shared market. I shut lower my SmarterMail mail servers and moved my clients either to Google Applications (free) or among the Office 365 choices.
Haven't looked back.
Google Applications.

That's all.
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