I must understand what everybody thinks about them, I requested when they were merchants for sitehost4u.com plus they stated no but that they are merchants for an additional company at this time around.

They stated they'd produce hosting for just $30 per month. Anybody have information on the corporation? Please reply here or e-mail me thanks

They are technically not merchants, but they're located on Alabanza servers, meaning excellent reliability and speed.

$30 per month for which they are offering is rather much like the other Alabanza hosts offer. Ultimately, technical support may be the difference. Another Alabanza hosts you may be thinking about (and providing the same features) include http://www.hostmatters.com http://www.hostcaters.com http://www.below10host.com

And you will find a couple of others too.

Hope this can help. Publish an answer should you require further help!
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