Since New Year's I've been burned through the following 3 companies:

Communitech - Lousy, nasty, ignorant support people
Optimal Web - E-mail stopped getting shipped. Known as only to discover that phone support was "discontinued" for that week. Huh?
Jumpline - My site goes lower greater than a cheap promenade date.

I'm searching for the next for less than $35/month. No extended contracts. Every month basis. (After my encounters above are you able to blame me?)

*Telnet and FTP Access
*Top Of The Page 2000 Extensions support
*5+ POP Mail boxes
*100MB+ Disk Space
*5000MB+ Transfer rate
*Uptime and/or Service Guarantee
*CGI-bin support + incorporated CGI scripts
*Domain title support
*24x7 customer care by e-mail or phone (Telephone calls must really be clarified by living, breathing people. Nothing beats Jumpline's "phone support" the industry voicemail message system they never return calls from)
*Some kind of subscriber list support. Does not need to be MajorDomo, however, many way I'm able to send e-mail to some private list.
*DS-3 or better connectivity. Ideally OnNet or something like that like this hooked straight into a backbone.

Anything far above always welcome.

Suggestions from the satisfied clients?

Client IP:
I really hope you've ought to luck as your last publish, otherwise, have a look at Sometimes there. Maybe we are able to help. Best Of Luck, Mitch
I'd recommend out service but we don't have all the feaures you would like. However, have a look at I understand the dog owner plus they take good proper care of their UNIX clients.
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