i saw this free domains supplied by namezero.com. has anybody attempted this? is legitimate?

It's real but you will not own the domain they are doing. Additionally they put a dirty great large nasty banner accross the page making your website suck. Shed out $12 and obtain ya own.

You shouldn't use namezero for just about any site that you want to use for any business. I'd browse around at a few of the discount registrars if cost is definitely an problem for you personally.

Frank Rietta

Take a look at http://www.psychohamster.com for a good example of that evil banner. With no this is not junk e-mail, I made that domain with namezero particularly to illustrate why don't you for their services. Yes.. what they are called a little available too, I did not wish to waste something someone will dsicover a use for in the near future with namezero.
Take a look at http://www.tnebbs.com
This can be a namezero account, without having the frame, but still while using Domain title within the address bar.

There ia a method to eliminate it if you want.

Domain Title.......... tnebbs.com
Registration Date.... 2000-05-11
Expiry Date.......... 2001-05-11
Organisation Title.... NameZero.com
Organisation Address. 51 College Ave-Suite-K
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Los Gatos
Organisation Address. 95030
Organisation Address. CA
Organisation Address. U . s . STATES

Admin Title........... Administrator Administrator
Admin Email.......... admin@namezero.com
Admin Phone.......... 408-395-0426

Tech Title............ Technical Coordinator
Tech Email........... tech@namezero.com
Tech Phone........... 408-395-0426
Title Server.......... eco-friendly.idirections.com

There's some disadvantage to your idea...
1- the domain continues to be their, not yours.
2- when they catch you, they'll remove you
3- when they disapear, your domain sink together

Why don't you pay a little fee and also have it truly?

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Agreed ! Nowadays domains are extremely cheap
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