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Has anybody been with HalfPrice Hosting? Can you please let me know your encounters? Any comment is going to be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Nicolas

I've three domain names on HPH. I'm not sure if I am going to ensure that they're there though.
Initially intended no less than 5 domain names together.
After I initially setup my first domain they'd no setup fee and both NT &lifier UNIX. I needed some domain names on UNIX plus some on NT and desired to make use of the same host company. They've since essentially stated "screw what we should guaranteed we do not worry about our clients since we've plenty to spare, we are really not likely to do UNIX hosting any longer. Either switch your domain names to the NT servers or screw off." After I returned a bit later to include more domain names they'd added the setup fee and that i was mad. They didn't tell existing clients that they are going to get this done therefore we might get our other domain names within the deadline. After I sent an e-mail about this I did not have your call answered. It has happened about 6 occasions about different subjects which i haven't become an answer using their email support. They're allegedly enhancing email support, time will inform. I known as and was handed a typical "excuse" but still billed the setup fee for further domain names. I've had and am presently getting challenge with the mail servers that they are allegedly also styling out. It has been happening for some time. I had been also told they would possess a better admin panel. That's dragging on also. So far as the websites uptime there has not been any major problems as well as on a great note should you call the technical support department throughout your day except on weekends you are able to usually acquire some help fairly rapidly. I suppose they're suffering exactly the same problems a lot of website hosts are suffering. Promising everything after which growing faster compared to what they are designed for together with avarice getting in the manner and cash that needs to be going towards more support and features is certainly going into pockets. Amazing how initially companies possess a "long term client approach" that becomes "a temporary profit approach". They've some nice people there but there needs to be considered a webhost somewhere that provides the support a variety offer and takes their existing clients into account when creating choices affecting existing clients.

Could they be the worst choice...Certainly not
Could they be the best option...I sure hope not

Better to you
Whether it wasn't for several website hosts providing your charge card amounts towards the public, HalfPrice Hosting could be Not far from the worst. I've attempted getting technical support again and again and also over and that i swear, they simply ignore us. We have gone forever without stats, so when requested once the stats were returning the technicians would shoot off a rude "no believed time yet, we are testing". Testing user persistence.

Server stability.... they are missing there too, several troubles beginning using their link with the backbone. They're going via a local wireless Web service provider in Louisville, who's antenna's loose signal in strong wind and rain. So more helpful than the usual traceroute is checking the elements funnel for Louisville, KY. to determine what your connection will seem like. You receive that which you purchase... very little unfortunately.

Let me know your kidding concerning the wireless Web service provider stuff!! Please let me know you are kidding.
Like a reaction to the wireless Web service provider comments, yes we make use of a wireless provider for REDUNDANCY. This can be a system that's used just in case from the accidental cutting of our LAND-LINES.

Wade Lewis
My dear God, It's surprising it!

Hey men, someone from HalfPrice Hosting HAS SPOKEN!!! Are you able to think that? I can not! But well, it appears like it's real! Shall We Be Held fantasizing?

Well i guess, it's like they've been reading through my comments and also the comments from individuals who accept me, and merely made the decision to resolve defend their company's status.

And what is it necessary to say about my comments and my story, HalfPrice Hosting? Indeed, I am sure you will not answer, as everybody at the company does. But when you are likely to speak, you cannot say I am wrong.

You've been disregarding people for any very very long time, however, you reply when it is dependent on status and recognition? I believe that isn't nice individuals. That proves that you simply ignore people purposely, because should you just ignore everything, you would not have responded to the conversation regarding your wireless connection.

Which means you ignore people purposely, however you read their messages. When they contain queries or questions helpful for that customer you remove them. When they contain complaints in regards to you that will be proven around the world, then you definitely don't remove them and answer safeguard your status making more innocent people fall inside your trap.

You should not have responded to the conversation concerning the wireless connection. This is the worst factor you have done. We'd have preferred you to definitely be quiet, while you presently are with your clients and potential clients. But no, you probably did reply since you understood you would lose plenty of clients due to my comments and my story, and due to those who agreed beside me (and they are right!)

I've requested a few a quick question to Jason Heffran (Boss), David Fricke, Greg Moeck and also the Sales and Support departments, and I've been overlooked by these the majority of the occasions. Nobody here will trust a business which does not worry about their clients, and that is really laying.

Your website claims you handle E-mail queries within under 24 hrs, or else the requester would get a notification by which he/she'd find out concerning the reason from the delay. But it is not really enjoy it lasts longer, you simply remove or disregard the messages.

And don't forget, HONEST website hosts don't have to read public forums to ascertain if individuals are saying bad reasons for them.
techh1198, I understood I wasn't likely to get a response of your stuff. And wish to understand what I believe? I do not care.

I simply hope individuals are wise enough to prevent registering for any service that lies like yours. You claim that they can handle E-mail queries within 24 hrs, however, you don't even reply. You simply ignore messages.
Maybe you weren't clarified since your questions are extremely general and never questions that actually warrant an answer. Rather than putting things off with bad mouthing 1/2 cost go find another host. Its merely a website!!!
Err...I've one account together and that i are now able to et 50% off...

Bad Points
Slow email support (1 whole day may be the min)
Some occasions I recieve 'HTTP server too busy'
(Incidentally, do everyone get these?) after i attempt to view an .asp page.

Good Points
Limitless DSNs (!)
Limitless traffic (if there's such factor...however, i do not have any difficulty to date...)
Lot's of space

However, I'm presently considering developing a large and demanding site, however i think i'll opt for some thing reliable (so far as http too busy is worried)

Wireless is really a backup? It is the ONLY line for more than 2/3's from the domain names!. Another ones take presctiption a T1. I want greater than a Class C block to complete redundant BGP-4 routing.

HPH is really a joke. The whole website is wrong!
Exactly. Their website is simply a lie. They struggle to thrill their site visitors using the design and also the claims pointed out on their own site ("That's how confident we're (...) We try to answer email queries within 24 hrs (...) blah blah blah") and what you'll get is certainly not, specifically E-mail support that is nonexistent.

Additionally, I understand their stats service continues to be lower for several weeks. I additionally know they transformed from JMail to ASPMail without telling their existing clients. So we know their Primary connection is wireless. They've lied once more, even at this forum.

Before registering for his or her service, look at this tread and don't forget: HONEST SERVICES DON'T READ PUBLIC FORUMS To Ascertain If Possible COMPLAINTS Regarding Their SERVICES AND, If That's The Case, They Would Not REPLY.

I encourage everybody only at that forum to disregard HPH's services, exactly the same way they ignore their clients AND site visitors.


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I've domain names with HPH and also have been unhappy, frustrated and mad so I'll accept yourself on them.

To state that the honest hosting service wouldn't read or answer posts in forums is for me absurd.

You may already know not everybody that's unhappy having a company that they're having to pay goes straight to that company to complain. They'll always however complain somewhere.

These boards yet others enjoy it not just give customers the chance to vent and warn others about bad service etc. Additionally they give companies another opportunity to align their act as well as resolve problems that they overlooked or made bad choices about.

It may also help these to realize that they are wrong (or that certain of the departments were wrong and aren't handling clients properly) and provides them an opportunity to resolve these problems.

Granted you will find some website hosts which will come here and then try to justify things they have done or otherwise done when there's no valid justification to start with.

Much like people, companies get some things wrong. A number of them will correct individuals mistakes, admit that they are errors in judgement or situations that got beyond control faster compared to what they were prepared to cope with at that time and rectify the situations. Others like HPH continues to screw clients again and again without ever being honest and dealing with clients because they may wish to be treated. I'll still publish bad reasons for HPH whenever I've time wherever I'm able to until they re-install UNIX servers since i personally seem like companies can't let you know it's a part of their service after which later on tell their clients "Tough luck, screw off".

Although this is only among the totally careless "business" choices they constructed of numerous that did not include their clients within their choices and actions it's the one which helped me the angriest since it is like someone stating that I do not matter, I am a disposable customer (who also is surely a living, breathing, thinking individual) that reliable them enough to provide them my money simply because they guaranteed UNIX and NT service. (enough shouting for the time being)

Anyway, I believe boards such as this perform a great service for both the customer and also the website hosts. In my opinion that any webhost that does not check these boards and follow-up to solve problems they have triggered to their personal companies are missing an excellent chance.

I additionally think that many (I stated many, not every) from the firms that don't place check boards such as this are the type that may care less should you, the having to pay customer, are pleased or otherwise.

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I believe it's good for website hosts to see forums like that one to allow them to correct their mistakes later on, or perhaps to realize that someone using their employees are missing in something.

Things I desired to mean by my message was that numerous bad information mill responding to individuals complaints to achieve more clients (and piss them off later on), either using real title but laying within the content (like Davey from TrueHosting -sorry Davey, that's my estimation) or if you attempt to appear like satisfied clients by utilizing common nicknames.

Things I desired to remark during my message was the content HPH published regarding a note in this particular thread, concerning the wireless connection. They stated it had been for redundancy only, plus they lied. Lied before many of us, because we all know it's their primary connection (a minimum of to date).

HPH should not have to look at this forum, given that they seem like they do not intend to correct their mistakes. Even though they hear exactly the same complaints from people, again and again about nonexistent E-mail support and other alike, they've never attempted to enhance that to date.

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I've been delighted using the service I've received with NPS Internet Solutions. Initially I only had registered domain names together however I've got a hosting account too. Their resolve for quality services are unmatched for me, also it appears that they're truly thinking about a long-term customer relationship.

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