I believe the worst factor a webhost can perform is ignore their customers' and potential customers' queries. And that is precisely what HalfPrice Hosting does.

I am very happy because by accident I made the decision to request a couple of inquiries to them before registering, after which I recognized I had been just being overlooked.

I requested exactly the same handful of questions plenty of occasions towards the Sales and Tech Support Team staff, and not have a response from their store.

I Quickly made the decision to create the Boss to tell him which i was getting no response in the staff. You know what? He never responded. What else could you expect from the company whose Boss even ignores you?

Which also happened using the Chief Technology Officer and also the Tech Support Team Manager. I made the decision to bother them since i had been overlooked and all sorts of they did was answer me by having an apology, however they did not answer my questions. After I authored it well to ensure they are remember they "should" answer my questions, they NEVER authored back.

What could I actually do if these were disregarding my messages? I had been sure they'd ignore me anyway, as being a customer or otherwise. And So I just made the decision to provide on them, which was the very best decision I produced in a very long time.

Next, I authored the whole staff (the Boss) to inform them they'd just lost me like a customer (the topic was: "START Responding For Your Clients!"), and you know what happened? Nobody responded! Hehe, I wasn't amazed.

So folks, before selecting HalfPrice Hosting, ensure you won't ever have to contact them. Who woudn't have to do that?

I am a current merchant on their behalf now, and I am unsure what I am likely to do. You are right, they simply ignore people. I have requested help on the couple of things and absolutely nothing. I had been trying to setup a UBB system like that one and needed to be aware what version of PerlIS these were running.. no answer. Simple question and absolutely nothing.

I have attempted to obtain assist with my clients email problems, overlooked... easy such things as their password can not be transformed. No help.

I simply don't get sound advice... I" love their prices, however i can't endure being overlooked... and never real pleased with performance either.

So we find such things as their wireless connection.. here http://www.hostinvestigator.com/go.a...opic&id=000024

I simply have no idea..

I am sure everybody want their prices and also the features they provide, however i don't believe new clients should subscribe to their service.

However, if you're already certainly one of their clients as you've stated, you will need to come to a decision. You can preserve the characteristics and lengthy while you will not need to speak to them. For those who have questions and want to make contact with them, ignore getting the questions you have clarified.

And perhaps you will not worry about their reply concerning the forum you desired to employ, simply because its's much less important. But suppose you need to contact them for billing reasons. Do you want to be overlooked inside a situation like this? They are able to get it done, why don't you?


Please copy me around the e-mails that you simply sent. After talking about this matter with both Boss, sales, and tech support team staff, nobody only at that company received an e-mail of your stuff. I'd be more than pleased to personally address the questions you have.

Wade Lewis
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