I'm thinking about establishing a brand new site soon.

Does anybody have encounters with Halfpricehosting.com?

I'm searching for aware customer support and fast/ reliable site access.

Interesting help!
HPH are great if you want cheap hosting, but they may be right discomfort within the arse sometimes.

For instance, they alter what's in every plan regularly, that is hard to maintain. Adding things isn't a problem, its once they simply take it away that triggers me grief.

They're allegedly moving to a different datacentre, unsure when that'll be. Speed is okay though, for privateOren aning stuff.
I haven't any personal expertise with, and so i will not comment this way. I'll mention, however, that you could search this along with other forums for his or her names and find out past posts about the subject. I am confident there has been some posts a minimum of about HPH.

Best of luck.

p.s. You did not mention what your needs are, therefore it would be also difficult to recommend a number for you.

For which it's worth:
I've been using VeoWeb.net a couple of several weeks now and am happy.
I have also heard advantages to Annette's Hosting Matters ( http://www.hostmatters.com ). I've got a large amount of respect for CanHost ( http://can-host.com ) too simply because they really took in to input given about this forum making a number of changes for their plans/explanations according to it.
I understand you will find a couple of other GOOD website hosts which i can't remember right now, and sorry for them because of not mentioning their services.

Before signing up with anybody, make sure to seek information completely. You shouldn't be quick enter into and register --or you will probably be sorry.

Whoops! There goes another $.02!

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I believe Digit(?) had good quality things to say of Burlee not so long ago, however i can't appear to find that reference. HPH has gotten good marks for features, but decidedly poor marks for support.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Oh, nearly didn't remember. By This summer first, HPH are altering their plans. The URL is http://www.halfpricehosting.com/Host/newplans.asp.

You might like to make sure that in your decision. Essentially, there's not point hosting together below Silver around the new structure, because the primary advantage of NT hosting (i.e. ASP and COM objects) continues to be removed.

The option, as the saying goes, is yours!

Burlee is simply a no. THe support people could possibly get very rude sometimes.

Jay Betancourt
Never purchase website hosting again!

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Watch out for lifetime (or similar) hosting offers.

It has been proven during these forums that there's not a way a webhost can survive with once only hosting plans --especially at cut rate prices. Bandwidth, servers, disk space, etc. all have a price. Getting clients that do not provide ongoing earnings, does not offer this. Particularly when an eternity plan's all a webhost needs to offer.

I acquired burned by HostingPlans.com's lifetime plan. These kinds of plans are generally a joke.


Whoops! There goes another $.02!
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