Sorry to publish, as being a hosting company and all sorts of..

I simply desired to tell everybody to possess a great day and tell someone your near to just how much they mean to yea :-)

Happy fourth.

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Uhmm... And how about individuals living outdoors the united states?
I Quickly would say tell someone you care anyways cuz it need not be considered a holiday that you should show your respect and gratitude

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Were built with a awful fourth day but later throughout the evening, improved and visited party, enjyed it
Boom...everyday is sort of a holiday in my experience o)

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It had been fun, bummer we could not have fireworks, tho.
Why could not you've fireworks? That, in my experience a minimum of, is the greatest area of the fourth.

Mike Astin
I really hope everyone were built with a wonderful fourth! I'd a pleasant time going to family and never worrying about computer systems or business :-)

Private fireworks are really illegal my home possibly JTY has got the same issue.

Did anybody visit that new movie, The Patriot? It appears very worthwhile, however i haven't seen it yet.

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Nearly all fireworks are banned, and also the cops were really doing their job.
Within Los Angeles, you'd *think* fireworks could be illegal, but apparently they are not. Everyone was lighting them off on the street, around the pathways, before almost every other house.

Probably the most impressive would be a big group (about 100 people) lighting them off inside a parking area on a corner of an active intersection. We had taxis cab slam into the rear of another vehicle waiting in the red-colored light. I suppose it had been a little annoying, heh.

Appeared as if W.W.III

Ohhh, and individuals were lighting off big fireworks (kind that shoots up in to the air and explode), and so i made the decision to visit lower towards the corner, where there have been 3 firework stands (around the three corners), for many bottle rockets.

You know what? Bottle rockets are illegal in Cali. Go figure. Guess they are not large enough to result in major distruction?
I had been in So. Cali. the majority of a week ago. Even at relaxation areas they'd signs saying that which was illegal.

Just came home having seen the patriot -- impressive movie, quite touching and greatly enables you to think -- ya be aware of type. Certainly five thumbs up, great movie!

Visit it, go ahead and!

Happy belated fourth of this summer everybody!


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I'd an excellent fourth. Required a significantly needed, however short, vacation.

Bad certain areas have needed to go making fireworks illegal because everybody is so irresponsible.
We visited a national forest in Colorado, and despite the fact that we were not confident that (even) campfires were permitted, we did not even tempt fate by lighting one, a smaller amount fireworks. We simply did not desire to be accountable for beginning a forest or grass fire.

To be sure the fireworks are the most useful area of the fourth.

One further comment before I disappear the cleaning soap box, funny how a lot of fires are triggered by cigarette butts thown the window (and just how many ash trays are extremely shiney clean!), however, you rarely learn about fires began by fireworks...

Stuff that cause you to go, 'hmmm...'

Whoops! There goes another $.02!
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