Anybody had knowledge about this webhost using their services and merchant option?
Some hosts lie about several things (like limitless bandwidth) and i believe the main one time fee may be the greatest lie of. It may sound so inviting, for around $200-$250, you've taken care of an eternity and services information. It appears just like a deal too good to pass through on.

This is the hook. It's one other way some hosts have of having annually or even more and services information taken care of in advance. Regrettably, none of those companies appear to provide on their own promises.

Think about this. The monthly charges they've for Access to the internet continue each month, and that is several 1000 dollars annually. If their service was worthwhile, they'd have in all probability enough clients without offering these deals that appear to get affordable to be real (since they're exactly that, too good to be real).

I required a glance at one from this past year and came to the conclusion it had been a Texas deal (El Paso). I have seen several similar ones since and also the service continues to be missing in most of these.

(no offense is intended towards Texans or even the great condition of Texas)

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