I'm attempting to develop a site simmilar to goto.com. I needed to be so people can invest in positions. What script can one use ? how can i download it ? and just how much will it require me to pay ? Help. I've been hunting for a couple of hrs and absolutely nothing yet !
Probably, you will need to write a custom script, or get it written for you personally. Goto.com's site did not result from a regular script. Best of luck.
It gonna have a lengthy very long time to complete everything Nevertheless its worthwhile If it's effective! Do not copy everything from goto.com or they may or will sue you to copy their site's concept,etc If you're quite good with perl and too lazy to create it, you might want to try your research at www.scriptsearch.com and www.cgi-resources.com

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well i've looked both in of individuals places but i've discovered nothing specific. I want something which will have the ability to manage statistics, acount logins, and individuals will have the ability to check their hits. I'm presuming it will likely be a mix of PHP and SQL but i don't know how to get it done.
You'll most likely must find a CGI programmer to custom program the script for you personally... you are not likely to think it is at some of individuals places (BUT- they are doing have places at cgi-assets where developers publish their resumes)

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surferdude.. just how much are you prepared to purchase the program you'll need? I must assist you free of charge, but it is an excessive amount of work. I possibly could get it done both in PHP and Perl, however i prefer Perl cuz it's _much_ more effective. If you're interested please drop a mail to rain@myself.com and let me know regarding your plans, and perhaps we are able to attempt to work something out.

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