How could they be causing you to pay for this? I am talking about by cash, charge card? When they charge your charge card it's very simple for you to visit the financial institution that released the card and let them know to not believe that charge, and when it's been through already, the financial institution will pay you and also chargeback these idiots that do not understand what they are doing.

Don't allow up, continue annoying these men until your pleased with the outcomes, don't allow them push you around.
I'm not sure i acquired a bill thats all i understand. I have been lower to my bank that was shut because it shuts at 3:30pm GMT but purchased a merchant account statement with the hole within the wall. Are available in helpful individuals machines lol.
Do as recommended by Admin. Submit the particulars towards the buying and selling standards. Just relax, they cannot do anything whatsoever and definitely avoid pressure.
This technically isn't anything todo with webhosting its a website title. Today after i woke i acquired an awful suprise during my regular mail. A bill for any domain title i've allegedly bought the domain title is i've called the organization who registered the domain plus they essentially laughe and stated " Your Title around the Registration you spend Sorry nothing we are able to do about this". However the funny factor is company has my particulars from the time i had been a person together. Which particulars around the invoice don't match those they've on file.

So what can i actually do ?.
Do not pay, still claim you did not register it! Even when the price is small still don't surrender for them?, Ring up buying and selling standards and file a complaint, call 192 for you personally local office. Write them at letter explaining you didn't register the domain and have no knowledge from it, photocopy it (your copy) and obtain it placed through the Publish Office also send the letter via recorded delivery. Then e-mail all United kingdom PC/Internet magazine editors explaining the problem (write it just like you requesting help therefore it get released). Go onto the newgroups and publish your story. Go onto the forums.

What clients are it? Just how much they have invoiced you for? Let shame them.
The organization under consideration is Webnetics LTD ( ). I have since called them again and they've given me the data of who made the transaction and explained to cope with it. That can't be right will it?. The entire was for ?20 a know its a little amount about $32.

this is actually the who's for that domain too that we required from

The Title Raw WHOIS Output

This is actually the raw output for domain kingdom. Click the link revisit the WHOIS research.

Domain Title: MARK-BENWELL.CO.United kingdom

Registered For: Mark Benwell

Domain Registered By: EZEE

Registered on 10-Jul-2000.

Domain servers indexed by order:

NS.WEBNETICSUK.CO.United kingdom
NS2.WEBNETICSUK.CO.United kingdom (not able to validate IP)

WHOIS database last up-to-date at 11:05:01 18-August-2000

The NIC.United kingdom Registration Host consists of ONLY information for domain names
within co.united kingdom, org.united kingdom, net.united kingdom, ltd.united kingdom and plc.united kingdom. Please make use of the whois
server at for Internet Information or even the whois server
at for MILNET Information.

The Title Raw WHOIS Output

Do not pay! Stick to the steps I said, make certain you register the complaint with buying and selling standards and send them instructions recorded. And send them an e-mail explaining the problem.

I experienced everything before, not on the domain title though. Should you ever want cheap domain names use kingdom or

And Don't Forget Do Not Pay! I personally don't like the likes of that, I wager they registered it themselves to obtain more money.
Interesting Fast and useful reactions. I do not really use Webnetics for Domain Sign ups i am inclined to use kingdom or cyberquest.

And i am while doing that which you have explained to me off.
Surely there is a record from the IP# from the machine that posted the registration.
They most likely do try not to appear to become using this seriously.

When they ain't taking you seriously then do not take them seriously. Just ignore them.
I'd do however i do check this out as serious when individuals are buying goods and charging these to me.

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