I'm looking for hosting for my domain, however i require a plan that provides 3rd-level sub-domain names (for instance user.mydomain.com, /not/ mydomain.com/user), and that i need restricted ftp makes up about the sub-domain names. There's an overall total of seven sub-domain names, and space isn't a major concern.. 200mb will be a-OK! Nevertheless it's difficult to find a number that provides 3rd-level domain names with restricted FTP access for any reasonable cost. I'm presently having to pay $60/month and I am only getting 70mb of space..!! Suggestions??
I know you're going to get some response here. We don't 3rd level subdomains but you might want to try http://www.jrc-hosting.com and http://www.superior-host.com

Best Of Luck.

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Wuddya mean "unresricted FTP access" ? despite the fact that you are only getting 70MB, space is not usually greatest factor a number will base cost on. (only one example, bandwidth?).
Hi Aimzy,

what type of bandwidth are you needing? Most hosts should have the ability to offer subdomains becasue it is not too hard to setup. You have to restricted ftp access. I've done all of the above for my clients, you just need just a little configuration.

I'm not sure associated with a hosts off hands who offer this though.

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You might like to have a look at our plans. although that we don't supply to 7 sub domain names in the beginning, you are able to choose an agenda (the silver plan for instance) and add 5 extra sub domain names having to pay $5/month extra.

Anyway, have a look and you can e-mail me for those who have any queries.

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