As well as Gentlemen..

To begin with I wanna thank you ahead for the time responding to my questions usually takes!!!

Ok..I attempted a lot of things..experienced all sites it appears..authored to a lot of hosts..
with and without solutions..but to date I've not found one..that may produce all!!
Ok let's wait and watch..
Things I am really searching for (not re-sell)...
I'm a webdesigner therefore i am searching for VIRTUAL SERVER deals..
where I'm able to have limitless email services (incl. Pop3) well as the
capability to have as numerous subdomains and domain names as I love to have
with my existing storage......
Well plus they should offer domain pointing to sites also..not only domain to domain!! On top of that obviously the items usually are available in the deals...
The setup fee and also the monthly costs don't matter much..but should not exeed 70$ per month let us say.
Just since it may be needed..
&gt5GB Transfer
own cgi-bin
plus some progs (incl. good shopcart like Miva for ex.)..

The very best one I discovered to date is ... the only real factor I do not like about the subject is they offer no pointing to sites which the subdomains are restricted to 25...
Anybody think they are able to beat their offer??
Simply to make obvious..I do not work for your company..I'm just ready to register together and am searching around during the last time b4......please no "mailbox" companies..just reliable website hosts!!!!
Many is really apreciated!!
as i sure some here would argue, a number gains hardly any by permitting you to definitely point domain names to subdirectories. First, you do not subscribe to more accounts. Second you may really make use of the HD space that accompany the program. Third, you may really make use of the bandwidth that accompany the program. From the host's perspective, it's a "you win" situation.

You will find places that allow you to get it done. Also, so far as subdomains go, you are able to wildcard the domain and employ individuals great cgi redirection scripts (permitting a lot more than 25 sub's)...

just something to think about
Well...I begin to see the point..just did not determine if that will really make a difference using the stats ultimately..otherwise a lil' rediredt is going to do I understand...

But Nonetheless...does not anybody possess a REAL GOOD PROPOSAL For Any HOST????
I understand this really is pub, but have a look at:

Our gold plans offers 6 incorporated domain pointers (or any other domain names or sub domain names) and you will buy more within our add-ons section. (in the cost of 20 sub / $5.00 monthly)

Observe that your bandwidth limit restriction will still affect each one of these domain names, along with the quantity of customers / pop3 and HD space.

I really hope it was associated with a help.

[F?lix C.Courtemanche Web Design Service]
[Mind Designer Co-Admin]
[Can-Host Systems ]
Sorry Felix.. consider I'm considering something which provides more subdomains within the general deal..on top of that I must have the ability to do especially everything I pointed out previously..also more domain points incorporated could be better..well like I does not have to be the least expensive hosts..I have to have the ability to have confidence in them!!
But nonetheless just help..
Hopefully more and more people can continue to try that helped me to!!!
Defnitely consider Alabanza! They've had excellent reviews by a lot of people all around the industry, plus derive how easy it is by using, which kick butt user interface.

Best of luck inside your ongoing search.
Hello. The issue with Alabanza is, as the "virtual nameserver" should allow clients to fit domain names free of charge should they have it within their plan, they aren't able to point it to some subdirectory. That needs manual editing in the host, and that's why many Alabanza hosts hesitate about offering limitless domain pointing to subdirectories. However, I'm Able To suggest one factor for you if you are using an alabanza host.

Subscribe to an agenda with a "virtual nameserver". This will help you to have your personal custom nameservers in addition to (I believe) provide you with the capability to park domain names for your IP free of charge.

Then, obtain a script for example and you will point all of the domain names you need to various subdirectories.

Best of luck!

John Farkas

Website Hosting:
Website Design:

Should you produce your e-mail address or e-mail me at, I possibly could set you track of an excellent plan that has all you need, including limitless POP3, limitless Subdomains, limitless space, 10GB of Bandwidth per month and domain pointing to sites for less than $64 per month.

Vincent Paglione
*s* Well hello!!!

Really I did not believe that anybody would still publish something in here..since i have worte the initial message in May..
Well I'd looked through a lot of deals, also experienced Alabanza stuff..
Since nobody really was offering everything I needed I settled for just one domain to host with Communitech!!
But when anybody would like to create plans or anything..(like Vincent)..then you are invited to achieve this..because it not really the final account I will need to host!!
And who wouldn't prefer to learn about better things every occasionally!!

So Vincent.. if you wish to you are able to message me at..hmmmmm..which..-considering- : ....

Many thanks to folks that published an answer lately!!!

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