I've about 5-10 domain names I wish to host. Obviously, I'd rather not purchase each one of these. I see other devoted hosting plans, however i think they're a tad too much for which I want. I simply need around 400MB about 15GB of information transfer. All might have subdomains, 10+ FTP Accounts, telnet access, CGI/PHP support, and atleast 15 POP3 accounts per domain. Maybe with root access.
If anybody may help me, please . Thanks Greatly and would actually thank you for support and help.

Raul Gonzalez http://www.wrestlinggamer.com

You possibly might want to consider our Gold merchant package.

500 megs
20 gigs/month Transfer
host as much as 6 domain names ($5.00/mo. for five more)
100 pop3/ftp accounts.
for $35.00/month
Nevertheless, you wont gain root access

Also you will find a couple of other hosts that publish about this board that might be much better, so make sure to look into the relaxation too.

For those who have any extra questions you can e-mail me.

[ Jason Berresford Admin]
[ http://www.can-host.com ]
[ Admin@can-host.com ]
[ (905)765-8140 ]
The Very Best factor to complete is e-mail web hosting companies together with your requirments and aks for qoutes many people who did this got a bit of discounted prices...

Hope you get a Host!

Dominic Buono http://www.unixfusion.com
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