I publish my estimation of the board also it vanishes, others threaten to file a lawsuit one another and begin flames also it stays up, your filters need modifying- In A Major Way!
That which was your publish again.

THIS BOARD IS USELESS, something along them lines In my opinion.

We do not remove/lock thread unless of course neccessary and we don't found pressurized, however, your publish was useless it
did not even give any proper reasons.

If you would like your thread to remain on, then be constructive and say why it's useless, you (place descriptive adjective)

You need to be grateful this is not moderated like Sitepoint in which you could have been banned right now

Therefore the 600 thread publish where people scream "give me your address in order to sue you" is productive? Produce a rest.

Censorship, how original.
125 more specifically.
You have to be mad to consider that you've a to publish anything you want about this forum, particularly when It's surprising one individual who contemplate it a useful read.

Publish a note on the newgroup saying the forum is garbage and you will just get flamed.
-----&gt&gt&gt&gt Thanks BC. &lt&lt&lt&lt---------

Only others know what they need here. That's my last discuss a total waste of time thread.

Thanks for both your time and effort, this thread will self-destruct (or perhaps be erased) in ten seconds...say thanks to you admin guy....and best of luck!

Who's this... Fred, from Fred Flinstone?
It's nice to understand that Fred has fled !!!

Each of you ought to get lives and more amusing jokes.
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