I second that! This is actually the *best* color plan I have seen on any forum, and that i visit a number of!!!


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Pretty funny, too - they are nearly exactly the same colors that people made a decision to implement on the board we'll be utilising. Easy around the eyes, complementary...great minds, right?

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I love the brand new colors, good job!
The font looks fine too.

Just thought I'd throw that in...


Whoops! There goes another $.02!
The board looks good.
Simply to be fair to the designers...the colours came from inside our Support Forums at http://www.Aota.net/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi

WebHostingTalk.com did request a chance to rely on them and all sorts of is kewl, Among the finest to provide Justin Nelson and www.DrewMedia.com credit for approaching using the styles when i must admit I have found these to be rather easy around the eyes for those involved

- FutureQuest

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Yep the styles did result from FutureQuest, could not resist, Used to do request them, guess I leaped the gun prior to the plans were completed.
Such as the new logo design - maybe result in the blue just a little lighter or it might be my computer.

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The logo design looks great just the actual way it is on my small screen. Good job!

Chuck Fox
The logo design looks great! (On all my machines)
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