Hello Bobbydigital,
www.canaca.com is selling for CommuniTech.net. Nevertheless its ok. Many are selling too...

Sometimes merchant are superior to website hosts simply because they can display more attention towards their customers (bit) compared to website hosts.

You can test to send them an email and request them a couple of questions and find out how lengthy will it take to allow them to respond.


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Try Virtual Metropolitan areas. They're a merchant of Communitech.com but a lesser cost US$15 per month for 350MB. Soon they will boost the cost to $22, so make the most of it now.
I'm satisfied. Canaca-Com Corporation. Sells it even cheaper then every other webhost for which they provide. Their tech support team clarified my questions within 3 hrs. I submit two demands plus they remained as 3 hrs appart. I love that. Well i've made the decision to host my website at http://www.canaca.com .. thanks all for the help.

bobby digital
Careful of canaca.com for a few reasons:
They're merchants for communitech.net (check their Ip--it's possessed by communitech.net). Additionally they offer plans which are just like the communitech.net merchant plans. This may be an issue because if you purchase from their store and they permit you to re-sell under their merchants agreement, and they either leave communitech.net or make a move that will get them began, you lose not just your bank account but all accounts you've sold again (because canaca had sold again these to you and they've to have their account open for your account to stay open). Additionally they publish numerous questions in communitech's support forums (including one worrying about communitech's title finding yourself in the header of the email that visited their customers):
Any E-mail which was delivered to me at canaca.com included these details by using it, in the finish from the page.
From sandrolina@sympatico.ca Mon May 31 01:22:10 1999
Return-Path: &ltsandrolina@sympatico.ca&gt
Received: from smtp11.bellglobal.com ([]) by mars.communitech.net Mon, 31 May 1999 01:22:10 -600
Received: from sandro.bellglobal.com (HSE-TOR-ppp35061.sympatico.ca [])
by smtp11.bellglobal.com (8.8.5/8.8.5) with SMTP id CAA13945
for &ltcanaca@canaca.com&gt Mon, 31 May 1999 02:24:51 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: &lt4.1.19990531022337.0093a1e0&gt
X-Sender: b1pjfo06@pop1.sympatico.ca
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Home windows Eudora Professional Version 4.1
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 02:23:49 -0700
To: canaca@canaca.com
From: sandrolina &ltsandrolina@sympatico.ca&gt
Mime-Version: 1.
Content-Type: text/plain charset="us-ascii"

I additionally would believe that our clients got exactly the same factor.

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Finish QUOTE

What troubles me most about canaca.com is they also operate underneath the domain title nortel.to. Nortel is really a large communications corporation which will most likely require kindly with a merchant of website hosting utilizing their good title and status to re-sell hosting while pretending that they're the particular proprietors from the servers. Once the real Nortel come lower on canaca.com's nortel.to spend, well...I'd hate to become based on these to be selling services in my experience to ensure that I kind re-sell these to some poor slob who does not know enough to completely take a look at their host...
Just my 2 cents.
I simply observed you have an web service provider ip just like "canaca" who published an advertisement for canaca.com around the merchants section.
Err--I wager you made the decision to choose canaca for hosting...as you are canaca
awwww Guest would a webhost do this?... laughs softly...I wager it had been a difficult decision on their behalf really... I am talking about host with themselves and risk getting nobody else responsible or host with themselves and ummm risk getting nobody else responsible.
Bobby/canaca self promotion is okay and several companies get it done here but ensure that it stays inside the spirit from the forum, blatant bombarding will probably ruin your status in addition to provide us with fun.
really everyone are right.... We'd checked our stats and located that people had links comming came from here. We or ( I ) wanted to be aware what individuals are saying about canaca. Sometimes for canaca and dont own it. They don't realize that i've published this but.. i am certain they would not say anything ( I believe !)

anyhow men sorry for that confusion. It had been an evaluation and absolutely nothing more. Wanted to understand what and who people have come across it.

hmmmmm.....trying to get away from a slippery situation?
Well, should you wanted to listen to what ppl are saying regarding your company, then why not just request? People listed here are honest enough to state the things they consider you even when you know them who you're really. This little "research" of yours most likely triggered more damage than good.
Maybe the response to why and just how it was done is based on the publish fifteen minutes after bobby's admission within the merchants thread. (now closed incidentally)
Hey, bobbydigital/canaca,

It had not been an evaluation. It had been a sleazy method to promote the organization you claim to dedicate yourself. Your "support" within the 4th publish within this line proves it.

A genuine, direct way to get the solutions you claim that they can seek is always to publish something similar to "I work with canaca.com We wish to be aware of general impression in our service and then any area we should improve. Your feedback could be appreciated."

This way, you receive the solutions and also you don't treat us like idiots that will not look out of your farce (and that means you don't have any respect for all of us). I understand lots of people wouldn't cope with any organization that utilizes such underhanded tactics. Your "test" revealed much regarding your company, including things that you were not even aware were onto it. The finish result is you unsuccessful your personal test.

Thank you for performing it, though. You have done many people a big favor.

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well when i stated before i actually do work with them also it was all me that made it happen nobody. Everyone believe that you would like. I'm among the tech support team staff that actually works at home. They've a lot of people unsure the number of though. I consider 11 or 12 employees all over the world focusing on tech support team constantly. Canaca.com might be merchants but without a doubt, from experience coping with 3 others i labored for, they perform a good job. Defenetly well worth the money.

Well have a very good evening everybody...

PS&gt Why would someone pull-up something i authored 12 months ago after i began ? Lame asses.. Difficult to find anything concise now they have grown to among the greatest communitech merchants.

Again sorry for the trouble but when there's anyone to blame its me... ( I learned to avoid that again )
Should they have 11 to 12 employees why dont they simply obtain own servers. They'd earn more money plus they could do what they need using the servers.

Canaca seems like a laying kid in my experience.
Hmmmm - might be, might be.... plenty otf them around. Within the United kingdom, we've just were built with a major host/web service provider 'vanish' with no trace. It had been run with a 16 years old.Cannot accept is as true got a lot business.
Hey Klaus which united kingdom web service provider maybe it was that disappeared without trace ?
bobby digital,

You show no remorse. That which you overlook is the fact that when you lie, as you've done, anything else you have to say is suspect. We've only your word that you simply are among the support people and never a business official (though you may be both), as well as your word means nothing. You lied and demonstrated that to us by our actions.

In addition, now you are calling those who known to earlier posting of yours as lame *******. Simultaneously, you are still marketing canaca. You have not learned anything, and therefore are just attempting to out because you got caught at the lies, while still inserting your organization.

I'm not sure what judgment others will make, however i don't believe your small business is worth thinking about at ANY cost. I do not trust liars and anybody who uses deceitful practices. You will find honest and decent companies available, even when they're a little difficult to get since we must examine all of the the likes of yours yet others. You've proven that all of your clients are able to speak to someone in support that goodies people like idiots and lies for them. That wouldn't leave me having a comfortable feeling.

To Klaus, it's not hard to make a 16 years old or other people getting lots of business. How can we know this stuff initially? We often judge "companies" by their internet sites. I would not even matter much when the service and dependabilty were good. The truth is a lot of us finish track of lousy companies, no matter their size, until we obtain mistreated and could uncover sites like that one that really allow us to look for a decent host.

Individuals that find the best host the very first time, or sites such as this to assist them to find the best one, are lucky. A minimum of my bad encounters have trained us a lot about customer injustice, server mismanagement and more to complete.

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It's surprising it that you could still tell lies in here even people discovered that you're Laying. Seriously kid, awaken! Nobody in here will trust you Any longer. Review your publish:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,Verdana ">quote:</font><HR>I am satisfied. Canaca-Com Corporation. Sells it even cheaper then every other webhost for which they provide. Their tech support team clarified my questions within 3 hrs. I submit two demands plus they remained as 3 hrs appart. I love that. Well i've made the decision to host my website at http://www.canaca.com .. thanks all for the help.[/quote]

Consider the QUOTE that we copied and pasted there. 1 Min, you stated that you're a CLIENT. Another min, you stated that you're a staff And the other min, you stated that you're attempting to make sure get comments relating to this company.

An adequate amount of your childish functions and awaken!

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