i curently have a doman title, i want somewhere to host it, using the following, around 30-50+megabytes, frontpage extentions, ftp. I had been also wondering if you will find any hosting will be able to pay yearly, like doteasy.com only extra space, i truly need this, thanks.
Personally id recommend trying http://www.tera-byte.com. They've fast reliable and stable servers. Fast tech support team- always clarified within 24 hrs. they are also cheap .

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You are able to perform a look for a host company listed with Microsoft like a Website Provider (WPP) at http://www.microsoftwpp.com/wppsearch. Microsoft tests these businesses to make sure that they've correctly installed extensions. Furthermore, getting listed may show a FrontPage "friendly" attitude.
Make sure to take a look at any webhost with emails or telephone calls first!

Chuck Fox

You may be thinking about a ProWeb account from JTAN (www.jtan.com). The service includes domain title hosting, limitless disk space, Frontpage From Microsoft 2000 Extensions (full support for Subwebs), and 25 FTP accounts (anonymous FTP too). The cost is $22.99 compensated yearly. If you're interested, have a look at www.jtan.com or e-mail me at vince@jtan.com. Interesting time!

Vincent Paglione
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