Hello All - I am new here and incredibly "green". I truly attempted to complete my homework but after 4 days I am dizzy - help. We're a launch company located in US. It's a beginning so for the time being all we want is really a domain title and couple of email boxes. I am not prepared for a particular style of the web site yet but it will likely be selling ( not really a huge traffic) it'll have some version of forum , catalog , some space for customer to upload files/ pictures - not really a large traffic however, many. Everything will happend inside a couple of several weeks the first and so i don't have to start large and I am presuming that whomever will engage in the look may have a recommendation - all I want for the time being may be the purchase a domain title in the reliable source with no chance of getting into troubles/ costs if I have to move this domaine around - , then an electronic mail and perhaps an being built website while awaiting a genuine deal - for your budget ... i rather spend under more but website can be really important a part of our bussines so the standard is most significant.
thanks ahead of time for the assist in getting a provider. Sincerely Agnes
OK, which means you are requesting a recommendation for 1) a website registrar and a pair of) a number with small plan where one can come to be a larger plan.

I suppose out of your publish that you might need a host that delivers support and can sort out problems/questions.

Most here will recommend purchasing the domain title and also the hosting individually - from 2 different companies. I'd recommend NameCheap.com or Title.com for that domain. Hopefully others can sort out a number.
Have a look within the advertising forum of hosting that is shared companies. Apart from that test the client support Before you purchase to make certain it's right. All the best! Tell me when we might help further.
I additionally recommend namecheap.com for that domain title. For the hosting , attempt to think just how much space do you want ... also request the host if you're able to easily upgrade.
Thanks all. I'll begin with Title Cheap for domain. @ Techno - yes certainly I want help . Thanks again
Thanks all. I'll begin with Title Cheap for domain. @ Techno - yes certainly I want help . Thanks again
Make use of the DOMAINS4US coupon for domain.
Namecheap is going to be wise decision for domain registration. About hosting, begin with some low plan like 500mb space etc. Do it yourself arround $10 for year. you are able to upgrade should you require. Ensure you choose good host even when you have to pay dollar more.
Hello again thanks all - I exchanged couple of emails with title cheap and gandi and gandi is providing 5 mail boxes with domaine purchase as well as their response was clearer in my experience - any reason not purchase the domain at Gandi.net?
no their costs are much greater than market?
Costs are Without taxes. take a look https://www.gandi.net/domain/buy/result/
Yes domain registration cost is simply too much high at Gandi.net. I additionally prefer title cheap for domain registration.
Thanks all for the help- all done at namecheap -
re-sell.biz provide good prices
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