I'm a new comer to all this and am looking for a good hosting company. Since I am beginning out I do not think I want a lot more than
&gt 100MB
&gt 2GB transfer
But I'd like support for Java Servlets, MySQL database and also the JDBC driver for MySQL.
Any ideas? Thanks!
Any Alabanza based host can provide this for you. There's attorney at law about individuals who cost Alabanza within the merchant forums of the board.

Mike Astin
http://www.resellerinfo.com - A totally free merchant website (not far off!)
Visit hostrocket.com. They've for 9.95$/mo 200 megs, 10 gigs of transfer plus they offer the mysql but servlets. Although, I am unsure around the 4g iphone. FTP and Telnet access also. ^^
I haven't yet look for a host which has the JDBC driver loaded. Does anybody?
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