it is possible to webhost that's good as well as hosts LEGAL tunes...ive been searching for some time and that i cant find something that really suits me, maybe 200mb and reasonable bandwidth like 5-8gig and under $20 hopefully and multiple logins if at all possible since this is for five to six local bands that's prepared to allow me to distribute their tunes in addition to my band...i seen a couple of however they appear too good to be real...oh yea yea i dont choose limitless cuz a minimum of i understand there's no such factor as that...
Dear Mister:

We'll allow our clients to host MP3 files on the individual basis. We all do request our clients provide some kind of documentation of the authority to distribute any files that aren't their very own.

Our cheapest finish account provides 350 Megabytes of web space and 25 GB/month transfer.

Frank Rietta

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sorry, i am more into searching at packages which are $20 and under for the time being, i discovered a couple of
i have no idea much about these however they might suit me more...besides, what type of document can you need if they are recorded on our own?
This Area 5 Network prepared to host your website for $20 per month. We provides you with all of the options in our premium take into account the reduced rate of $20/month. We don't have trouble with legal tunes unless of course they be a major bandwidth problem.

Steve Dreyer
limitless bandwidth??? and that i doubt its destined to be an enormous bandwidth killer...i am talking about its LEGAL...just how can this stuff be bandwidth murders???
First, nobody stated anything about limitless bandwidth. Second, an Mp3 file is a great deal larger than a HTML page having a couple of graphics onto it.

Consider it... 600 people could notice a 50Kb page (with graphics), OR ten people could download a 3Mb Mp3 and it might be exactly the same. It may accumulate rapidly.
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