i truly loved your site annette

i've got a couple of questions though concerning the site...

* would you present an unconditional one month cash back guarantee?

i could not think it is in your site, but as it is common practice amognst webhosts, i'd think you probably did obtain that.

* will you've got a merchant program?

i like the alabanza software and also have been searching for hosts who're on their own network to re-sell for. since i have discovered that my contract with truehosting will transfer to burstnet and that i will not need to pay anything until a very long time, i am adhering together for my own site before the contract has ended. but selling is some other story, and that i trust alabanza over vdi for reliability.

also, you need to create a button/link on the website that goes straight to your policy/tos (best if it's on all pages). i did not visit a connect to it around the order form, however i think i only found one connect to it using your faq page.

i understand you did not request for opinions or anything, but i am just attempting to be useful. i think you'll possess a merchant program (or soon) because i have arrived at trust you within the several weeks of seeing you defend clients on the web and would love to operateOrcompanion along with you.
Hi -

The 30-day guarantee problem is one thing we have been kicking around, and i believe we'll find yourself adding it to the AUP/billing. Besides, usually you are able to tell within the initial few days whether your host will have the ability to do what you want, right? And So I aren't seeing an issue adding it towards the mix.

So far as links towards the AUP on every page: that's happening. The hyperlink can look at the end of every page, using the links towards the other parts of the website. We're still while building the one thing, and also have people asking us about stuff. I take that like a good sign.

Merchants - this really is something which we is going to do, most likely inside a month approximately. We have viewed a number of selling plans using their company hosts, and typically the most popular type appears to become the discount type. I'd welcome opinions about this from everybody: what kind of merchant plan can you search for, had you been searching for one?

Other activities: we've received our certificate from Thawte for hostmatters.com, and therefore are while getting another for that server to ensure that our clients may use it without needing to obtain own. No decision at this time on whether this is an additional charge, however i believe that it won't be, because it really just counts being an expense for all of us anyhow.

Alabanza's reliability continues to be fantastic. The server has already established zero down time since we first got it setup. Regarding VDI: I realize that they're within the final phases of having redudant connections, so soon they (and site5, burst, etc.) ought to be inside a stronger position compared to what they are at this time.

Every other comments you (or other people) may have on the website, so far as design, features you'd add, etc., could be welcome.

This really is my first foray into this kind of business, as you may imagine, however i got so fed up with listening toOrworking with poor hosts which i figured people could be willing to utilize somebody that reaches least honest about themselves, their capabilities, as well as their company. I thank you for support.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
excellent. i love the style of the website and also the features are wonderful.

for selling...

one factor i do not like is needing to sell some accounts prior to the cost could be decreased [say i'm able to only re-sell 5-10 each year, i will not make much profit particularly when you calculate within the costs for processing (billing the customer) etc.]. a set cost could be awesome, maybe 35-50% from the regular plan cost?

well, i'll look into the site frequently to determine any updates and hope your merchant plan opens up before i've found another person :p
Talula -

I attempted to resolve your email, however it returned back. What about shedding us a line?


Hosting Matters, Corporation.

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it returned back? my email at yoyomail? ermph! no surprise i've not been getting my emails, they're most likely damaged!

no reliability whatsoever, anywhere!

sorry, i am somewhat ticked because things are damaged (my net connection is certainly going nutz [needed to install, un-install, install earthlink two times today simply to get up-to-date amounts and connect software problems.. large headache also it continues to have errors a minimum of 5 occasions before i'm able to even connect], website lower again [all day long.. could it be still VDI? i'm not sure since other burst sites will work fine], this website was lower practically all day long too [host problems or simply upgrading?] and today my email too).

are you able to please message me in the address during my profile rather? thanks

what had mattered... matters little now

we've shattered... apart in some way
Talula -

You do appear to become getting a little of misfortune (I saw your publish within the Burst thread). Yes, it had been your yoyomail mail that returned back, and so i sent someone to the e-mail indexed by your profile. To date, that isn't returned.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
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