I am italian (sorry for my british) and that i search a great hosting for my sports site which have 900-1000 site visitors x month.
It is a database results site (400 pages).
I've discovered (but it is so desperately to know the greater offer) two hosting companies that satisfy my wishes.
I-dentity - http://www.i-dentity.com/index.htm
Digital Zone - http://hosting.com.tj

Are you aware anything relating to this services?
Are you aware one other good offer with 10$ x month?
Thanks and sorry for my british.
$10 per month won't buy you much space. Your website needs about 150MBs of space and perhaps more.

For those who have any longer questions message me at Luke@cwihosting.com
Or visit http://www.cwihosting.com
If your internet site is all text, space would not be this type of large concern. You need to consider security and speed. As pointed out above 150Mbs,15 email options, and Mysql database, would simply be $14.95. Prices is extremely competive so browse around your not just purchasing space you're purchasing service.
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