I'd like your opinion about Hostrocket.
Could they be worthwhile?

Hi Gerard,

I just read about the subject in another forum.
The hosting plan which i was searching at was $9.95 monthly also it incorporated 10Gb bandwith usage. Can 10Gb bandwith be that cheap? That's the reason behind this publish I simply needed some feedback about the subject.

I am not searching for much space and that i do not have a lot of needs accept from cgi-bin with perl5, pop emails, e-mail lists and a respectable amount of bandwith.

I've made the decision to utilize a US- based host however i just dont desire a bad host with many different down time along with other problems.

Dear Aradiel,

When I remember you had been questioning whether to choose a Swedish- or US-host, right? Where's that one situated, exactly what do you anticipateOrwant from their store, where have you locate them from, and exactly what do they provide?

It *could* be that cheap, but that wouuldn't permit other things. They're wishing you will not use much. Nevertheless, $2/G is extremely cheap.

Hi. I work on HostRocket.com and possibly I'm able to obvious some misconception. To begin with all of our servers are US-based. Our hosting plans are listed on our website, http://www.hostrocket.com with various plans for various bandwidth and storage considerations. Or if you want custom plans we will help you out too. You can e-mail me directly for those who have any longer questions.

Hostrocket erased the publish which was questionable, and therefore there's no requirement for my (somewhat harsh) publish to stay here.


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If you do not mind using the services of a business that spams open boards and lies about who they may be then they must be an excellent company. I understand I'd really adore to conduct business together. I question if their technical support really confesses they're technical support or pretends to simply be clients


Really chicken, I'm reyesj9@hotmail.com. I apply it non-HostRocket posts. Brendan Brader is my boss, I had been posting from his computer.
Yep John, if you simply learned how you can *FAIRLY* compete rather than tossing grime at individuals rivals with whom you may never get caught up, you will be FINE.

You could also wish to seek advice from Brendan about this not-really-secure order form along with the OpenSSL.


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Ohhhh Vlad! Which was -harsh!-

TOTALLY harsh. Possibly I ought to setup some an application catcher and plug it to the Hostrocket site? No, I would not do this...

Anyways, I am TGE [TheGraphicsExperience] from at TWF, and I'm going to be returning there now. Nice forums, I would come here at some point. :-)
Everybody knows how insecure alabanza's systems are. For this reason 100s of hosts rely on them, right? Didnt think so. Possibly you need to focus on making your organization more competetive pricewise then bashing mine vlad. And incidentally, not too its all of your business, however when certainly one of my employees inside my other job uses me like a website hosting provider, and posts in the same office using it . gateway server as me, it shows exactly the same IP. Him together with none individuals knowing this, combined with him attempting to keep me from getting mad at him is the reason why he stated he used my computer. I guarantee this isn't the situation, and the 200+ computer systems for the reason that building that share our web connection have the symptoms of exactly the same IP when being able to access the web. A number of you need to know how all of this works. Not likely the folks prepared to jump to conclusions and begin posting negative comments about people they don't know, in situations they don't know, and subjects they are fully aware nothing about however. I have no idea if some of you've your personal business, but it's like getting a young child, and extremely does hurt to ascertain if described unfairly as continues to be done here.

my .02...
hostrocket, you need to have a low profile. For me, quarrelling over something of *that* importance is pointless and can only provide you with much more problems.

Yes, it is difficult to remain calm when you're assaulted, may you be wrong or right. If you're right, you've got nothing to proove and when you're wrong you need to stay quiet to allow us think you're right :p

Anyway, either situation you need to *not* attempt to promote your site on undesirable places like here. This show an excellent insufficient profesionalisme and won't enable you to get any clients, anyway.


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hostrocket, Should you must argue, email him directly.
Initially published by hostrocket:
A number of you need to know how all of this works
So you realize, *I* know *exactly* how all of this works. Your organization got caught playing the, "I have an acquaintance..." routine. Please!

The publish was erased (that is all I needed) plus some light continues to be shed. Just like a child, a buisiness needs to be punished and accept responsibility because of its actions.

When you haven't exactly recognized responsibility, the problem was remedied and also to be fair, this really is all I needed. You alone (Brendan) continues this debate past this. I've nothing against you to definitely make it further.
Really I tend not to engage in this argumentation, but Host Rocket Support or reyesj9@hotmail.com had ever responded my publish, and so i think I'm able to quote the things they stated.

These are:

From Subject: Need webhosting w/ good stats
First released by me (Idwi)
URL: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ubb/Fo...ML/000390.html

"Hostrocket.com includes a plan bla bla bla. I have never personally located together however i hear they've good service (Alabanza servers)."

From Subject: Hostrocket?
First released by Aradiel
URL: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ubb/Fo...ML/000386.html

HostRocket Support:
"Actually chicken, I'm reyesj9@hotmail.com. I apply it non-HostRocket posts. Brendan Brader is my boss, I had been posting from his computer."

So IMHO, I will not host my website to some webhost which their very own supports only "hear" their company has good service

Which was a comment produced by our new men, who didnt what he was getting themself into by doing which i guess. I've spoken with him about this also it wont happen again. I myself seemed to be confused in the beginning in regards to what happening.

-Brendan Brader
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