OK, I'd a merchant server, that out of the blue did not wish to re-sell anymore, so my website was closed lower without warning.

And So I looked and hunted and checked and located things i think might be a great host, jaguarpc.com and so i registered. they'd the domain info delivered to me within 30 minutes. They stated if my title 'midamericascreens.com' was registered at Network Solutions they'd change my info for me personally. I am almost positive it had been registered there.

now comes the great part

Now it has been 2 days and midamericascreens.com has not been transfered towards the new NS's, I'd rather not blame jaguarpc.com since i don't believe they are responsible.

The initial merchant put my info in, but got the e-mail wrong, it ought to be cozycabin@mvn.net not cozycabin@mail.mvn.internet
I experienced all of the steps to obtain info transformed (such as the fax), but following a day and half, still nothing has transformed, I want my website back ready to go as 30% of my sales range from internet.

I'm not sure how to proceed, must i wait longer, must i fax Network Solutions another note? perhaps a nasty one?

Imean, how lengthy will it require a damn Title Server transfer?

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Simple, do these steps:

1) Visit: http://www.networksolutions.com/make.../hostform.html

2) Complete and print it and fax together with letterhead together with your title, address, etc

3) Even create a copy of the motorists license if need (best choice helps)

4) Fax it between 11pm till 5am, thats when Fax machine will solutions

5) Your done, wait 2-three days, they ll repair it for you personally

Otherwise work, tell me I ll find other way

Hope it will help
Made it happen while you referred to.

I must wait longer? Damn!

how about the NS transfer can that be acomplished without my right email. It only required round-the-clock for my other domain to become transfered.


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If you're still on speaking terms together with your old host and they're listed because the technical contact, it might be faster to possess them submit the modification for you personally. I have discovered that NSI can be quite quick if things are done the precise way they need it done. Following the transfer, you are able to make certain the e-mail is correct, then get a new registrar and transfer your registration services.

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Have you recieve a confirm email from NSI?

should you did, they're in process upgrading, shld take 24 hrs.

Otherwise 2-three days a minimum of maybe LESS!
In reaction to scwood, I had been being nice after i stated he did not recycle for cash any longer, he's gone, disappeared, no solutions to email, phone...

Have no idea, I transformed the data, got an e-mail, sent it back, got another email (with monitoring number) then place the monitoring #, along with a copy of my motorists licence around the fax form.
At 11am central time it will be 48 hrs since i have faxed the data to Network Solutions. Produce a rest, it is simply an e-mail change (from 'cozycabin@mail.mvn.net' to 'cozycabin@mvn.net', other info is identical, it should not take that lengthy to alter.

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